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Hi there ^^ I'm Lynnette, a student from Singapore. I'm doing a study on cat breeding, and I need to conduct a survey as a part of my project. So... I am hoping to find some respondents here ^^

If you can spare a minute to just fill in a short survey form, please go to http://kuroneko.tranquil-deluge.net/sch/irs/survey.html

Thank you!
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I filled in the survey for you!
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I filled it out as well! Good luck!
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i filled out a survey as well
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Thank you so very much! It really made my day to see the responses! ^_____^
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Just voted Lynette Good Luck
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Thanks for the chance to participate in your survey, Lynette. Hope it goes well for you!
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I completed it.

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^^ So far, CatSite.com is the only forum (out of all the other cat forums) that had this much positive feedback ^^ Thank you very much for your support!
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You're very welcome, Lynette. Hope you will continue to join us.
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I filled out your survey, best wishes...would love to hear your overall results!
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