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male and female living together

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Hi Everyone this is my first visit

I have two cats my female is misty she is 9 years old and my male cat is jasper he is 5 years old. Both cats have been neutered. I have had misty now for 5 years and Jasper for 1 year. My wife and I thought that Misty was lonely and we decided to bring Jasper in to assist. He has a sight problem but very indepenant. When he first came Misty was quite horrible to him at first but after several weeks it settled down. Now all they do is rub heads and misty puts her paw on him, occasionally he will pounce on her and bite her neck. On some occasions she will jump over him and hit the back of his legs. Misty has began eating more than she did as he loves his food. The most of time they sleep together on the bed but not cuddled together.

I need some advice on this please.
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Sounds to me like they are getting adjusted to one another. It takes time, and from what you post, it seems like it is going well.
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First I like to welcome you to TCS

It sounds to me they are doing well together . If they don't snuggle together can be very normal , some cats will never snuggle togehter . Cats do like to bounce every once in while at a other cat and is also normal , as long they don't have really bad fights or draw blood . Do they have toys to play ? Like little catnip mouse or the little ball to roll and chase ? Cats do like to play a lot and neet toys .
I really don't know where you need advice ? Unless I have not read something right , I don't see any problems .
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no their is no blood lost between them, she will just go up and rub his face then she will tap him with his paw, occasionally she will give him a clip over the earole. I do get a little worried when they do their wrestling thing, I was thinking of selling tickets, only joking. We find it funny. They both get fed well.
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It sounds like you are doing a fine job, just letting them adjust to each other. I have one 4 year old female that does not do that well with the other 3 cats. Over the years I have had cats, some snuggle together often, and some never. Welcome to TCS!
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