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Hello All

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I sure missed all of You and the kitty pictures too....I am using a loaner laptop for now. Because my old laptop is borked and needed to go into the shop to be fixed . So I was without a computer all day yesterday.... I was going through some serious withdrawl symptoms last night. LOL. But they gave me a nice new Dell Laptop computer. So it is all good now for the week and half my old laptop will be in the shop. Take Care everyone. And give your kitties scritchies for me please.
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Hi Sandra!

Enjoy the new laptop while you can and I hope your one gets fixed real soon.

Hugs to you,Patches & Tiger.
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Hi Sandra

Good thing you have a loner laptop - we wouldn't want you to have a breakdown from not chatting with all of us cat lovers.

I havn't been on much lately so I have a lot of catching up to do.
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