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My stepmother....

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was in a car accident on Thursday...I just heard from my sister...she is doing fine, but looks like the truck it totaled!

She had a wreak last year, Memorial Day weekend...not her fault, and they totaled her other truck too...we told her she can't drive anymore! Actually, this is the 4th wreak in 3 years...all someone else's can she sleep at night!
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here is a close up!
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Oh Candie, I'm so sorry to hear about your step mother but glad she's doing OK. That's alot of damage. She's in my thoughts.
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Oh my! Glad she's doing OK...the damage looks pretty bad. At least she was in a truck, a little car would have been so much worse. Sounds like she's had more than her share of bad luck!
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That poor woman! I am glad to hear she is ok!
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What a shock for you Candie. Glad she is doing OK
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Candi, I'm glad your MO is OK. Man, after surviving that many accidents, I would say she is one lucky woman.
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Thanks everyone...I haven't talked to her yet because they are busy out and about doing things to care of what happened. I am gonna call and talk to her tomorrow about it while I wish them a happy easter. I am just so happy she isn't hurt...she's a very lucky woman.

A couple of years ago, I guess about 5...a man hit her head on and that was like the beginning of all these wacky experiences. I just hope one day one doesn't cause her to end her life...that would really freak me out.
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The cab looks relatively undamaged. She is lucky.
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I talked to Karen (my stepmother) last night...she was a little distraught about the whole thing...she says that the driver of the 18 wheeler says it was HIS fault...but the company he works for is saying that SHE did it! Ok...looks pretty obvious who will win...but it's just a big pain in the &*! for her!

Atleast she is ok!
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I'm so glad your step-mom is ok. She must be half cat!

Aren't trucks great? Has your step-mom always had trucks? My sister-in-law got in an accident last summer, these are the pics of her truck just after it happened. It is the exact same truck as ours but ours is black. She was T-boned by a very large Dodge Ram with a bush bar on the front. In the third and forth pics you can see the side impact beam through the metal.

The interior was not damaged in the least. Of course it was written off though. Oh! and my sister-in-law is fine
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Wow ... all of these pictures look bad. I've only been in two accidents in my life both very small, very minimal damage. Your step mom is very lucky, if it had hit at the cab (as someone else said too) it would have been worse. Glad she's doing okay, hopefully that's all for the bad wrecks for her.
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Wow, by the looks of the truck, it's great that your stepmom is okay. Must be tragic, you guys are in my thoughts
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Candie, so sorry to hear of your stepmum!.

Myself and my ex boyfriend were in an accident a few years ago with a 40 tonne lorry. It was the lorries fault and the car was written off, but your right about it being a pain. Its the inconvenience that it causes!

Hope your stepmum feels ok though.
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Wow! Those pictures look bad. Luckily I have never been in an accident. ( I shouldn't say that just 2 weeks ago I said I never had a speeding ticket and got one the next day) but if I were hit by a semi-truck I think I would be scared to death to drive again. I have always been scared of them. They are big and mean look and just move over whenever they want to. I always feel a little nervous passing them on the highway.
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Thanks everyone for your kind words
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Thank goodness she is alright other than being shook up.

That's some damage to the bed of the truck.
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