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Switched to Silica Litter

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I just did the switch to Silica-you know the crystals, I did it gradually. I like it, I find it controls orders well and absorbs the pee much better. I think he's ok with it, but today he did poop right outside the box. The thing is he did that here and there with clay too. And I saw him go in the silica too another time. He seems to poop right outside the box a couple of times a month, and I don't fully understand it. But he checked out at the vet and is healthy otherwise and at least keeps it on the paper so I am not going to strain myself over it.
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This is a "wait and see" situation. I tried the silica litter, and JC pooped outside his box (something he never does) or in a bag of his old litter. Then he got it into his head to remove the litter from the box, push it to the top of the stairs, and watch all the little "pearls" cascade down the stairway. That must have taken him hours to do. Needless to say, we went right back to the clumping betonite litter.
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That is so funny. I did change gradually. I put more and more of the sillica for weeks. And he pooped in it once. Like I said he has pooped right outside the box before so I wasn't too too surprised.
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That's so funny jcat! He sure made his point clear, didn't he! Hope JC enjoyed his special Easter egg!
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You know...you might be right. I was feeling so smug like this was great, less odor and he was using it. I mean I saw him in it several times and heard him covering it etc. THEN I realized I haven't seen poop in there for 48 hours! He must be pooping outside. That's no good cause I am trying to get him off outside so much.
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He's fully adjusted to it. I did have two outside box poops weeks ago but that has stopped. And if it works for you this stuff is great. you really don't have to replace it as quickly, and it absorbs odors better. he is fine with it now too.
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I've heard that it's so superabsorbant, it sticks to moist things like paw pads or noses. Has this happened to you? I only saw that online from someone who got a letter from someone who used the pearls for their cat and they claimed that happened... Never tried it myself, so I don't know, but I am curious.
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Glad to hear it has worked out, Marge. I thought the silica litter would be great because it's so lightweight. Last week I got a 20 kg. (over 40 lb.) bag of litter delivered, and it sat in the hall all day until my husband got home - I couldn't carry it down the stairs.
Weatherlight, I've never heard of that happening, but it's surely possible. JC has an enclosed balcony that is only partially roofed, and sometimes he goes out there in the rain, gets his feet wet, and then uses his litterbox. His litter clumps so well it's as if he has "cement shoes"!
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It doesn't stick to him at all. And it is light. It's nice not to have to replace it all the time, and really the odors are better controlled. It wasn't completely easy to get him to switch, but in general it went smooth.
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Hi, I am new to this site but stumbled upon it while looking for the sillica-gel litter site. I purchased some Mimi Litter at Wally-World & it works great & my cats love it. I have tried all types litter & this seems to be the best for odors. The feces is totally flushable with almost no waste sand & the urine just drys up with a little rake of the scooper shovel. I have several cats in my house since I work a rescue & it has really helped a lot with price & odor. A 4# bag cost $3.83 & lasts a month or so. This brand litter is a flaky type sand & not pearls. I'm so glad I was searching for the web site for the sand when I ran across this site. I'm happy to be a member.
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
This is a "wait and see" situation. I tried the silica litter, and JC pooped outside his box (something he never does)
jamie and raven think alike. that was our experience with silica litter. raven thought it was unacceptable. and i made an emergency run for some cat litter. we even did the gradual change to the crystals.

i found that when we tried the silica, there was a pool of urine that the crystals didn't absorb, at the bottom of the box. i was surprised raven tolerated the crystals as long as he did.
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