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Does anyone own one of the littermaid electronic litter boxes? I'm thinking of getting one, but not totally sure yet. What are the disadvantages and advantages of one? I will admit I am not the best to scoop, but even with 3 cats, you have to scoop a lot.
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I have a littermaid...I'm not particularly fond of it, but my cats do like it, so I use it. I have a couple of reasons for disliking it. One of my cats likes to dig...alot! So inevitable she digs to the bottom of the litter and goes there, and then I have to scrape the bottom when I'm cleaning. Then there's the problem of jamming...if you have too much litter, it will jam. Or if after the cats use it they create a 'pile' of litter, it will jam. If more than one of my cats use the litter before the 10 minutes (which is the delay from when to got potty until the time the rake activates) then you have too much stuff in there and it jams. All four of my cats used the litter one morning one right after the other, it wasn't a pretty site... And the last reason for my dislike is that a lot of the little break-off bits of the clumps don't get cleaned out with the rake, so I still have to sift through to get the yuckies out so the litter is clean. This of course, is just my opinion! Good luck with your decision.
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I found that with one, regular size kitty, it works fairly well, however, there are still times that it gets jammed or stuck. If your kitty is extra large, the regular littermaid is too small. There is an extra large box now that is suppose to be more powerful, but I have not tried it. Since getting another kitty, who is also going to be extra large, I have discontinued using it. I was spending more time clearing up jams than I would have scooping. I have one for sale...interested?
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it's ok - I got rid of the one I had - my little boy had a bit of a loose stool problem for a
while, he is ok now, but having to take it apart 2-3 times a day to unjam and clean was not something I want to repeat.
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