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Termites! Help!

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We found termites coming out of our living room wall!
My landlord has a contract with Terminix or whatever they are called - they have those green things around the apartment.

I have let my landlord know and she told me to relax and that is what those green things are for. But I thought those are for preventation and not killing them - am I wrong?

I am sick of killing them off every day, because it means I have to close the cats in the bathroom, spray bug killer, then vacuum and mop so that the cats won't lick the stuff.

What should I do?

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Is it a house or an apartment? I had problems with termites, as the living room door was old and full of them inside. Since the rest of the house was of concrete we simply changed the door for a metal/glass one. But here in Puerto Rico most houses are built of cement/concrete so I see little of those cases. But we have to take a lot of care from them as the minute they set home in our library the thousands of books we have are gone!

Here they normally set their nests atop trees in the yard or underground below a house (which are the hardest to kill).

Perhaps you should ask your landlord if you can bring some Terminator (no, not the governor of CA ) guys to spray the whole place. If the landlord barks at the idea you may have to persuade him with the idea of you paying the terminators yourself.
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Those green stations are bait stations. They are used to monitor termite activity. No poison is used unless they find termites in them. Each has a little piece of wood inside to check for activity. Your landlord should call Terminex pronto and have them come out. According to the service guarantee I have, if termites do damage while you are under contract with them, they pay to have it fixed.

And Victor, my house is concrete block, too, but the drywall and beams inside aren't. Those bait stations are designed for subterranian termites.
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Vic is right, ask your landlord if he can hire an exterminator to kill the ones you have because what you see is about a thousand times more inside the walls!! If he refuses...I think you can hire one yourself and pay the guy, and when the time comes to pay rent deduct what you usually pay him from what you payed the exterminator. That's what most of our renters do anyway, but I am not sure what the law is where you live. Good luck!
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This is charlie (DH) call Terminix they have the green things in the yard it is their place to kill also if the are under contract
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THanks guys - I have called Terminix and they will call the landlord on monday to get permission to come out here and spray. I will be emailing the landlord.

Gosh those things are NASTY!
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Kellye, don't really know much about termites. But it sounds like you've received some good advice- Best of luck for Monday.
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