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One of my 9 former ferals, Sockie

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Sockie is a former feral we found in January of last year, up a 30 ft tree in the woods. She was unable to climb down, and had frost bite on her feet and nose. My husband went home and got an extention ladder and it still wasn't long enough, so we went back home and got my pool net and scooped her up. We think she was chased up the tree and then was too weak to climb down. We spayed her and nursed her back to health. She's now an indoor only cat, and is in love with Black Jack Jr., another black and white former feral we rescued.Sockie loves to pose for the camera. Here, she is peeking through a wreath I took down and was going to put away.
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Aaawwww what a cutie
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She sure looks good now
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Thanks everyone! She's one of my favorites...but I actually think the food we feed them is a big reason they all look so good.
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That's a beautiful picture, I love how her face is surrounded by the folage of the wreath.
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Thanks! I think she's one of the more photogenic "kids" we have.
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What food do you feed them?
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We have always fed them IAMS orrig and fancy feast. They get as much dry as they want during the day, and they eat Fancy Feast for breakfast, have a snack for lunch ( a scoop of fancy feast) and fancy feast for dinner. I started offering them Purina one turkey because I see the protien is quite high. I put each in different dishes and keep them filled. I look for the highest protien in the dry food. I do believe that Iams is making everyone's fur shine, though.
We also have a water fountain that gives them fresh filtered water. I haven't had a sick cat yet.
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She's gorgeous and so photogenic. Love the cute little marking on her chin.
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So beautiful! That makes a perfect Easter photo!
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...awww thanks everyone! I thnik she's a cutie too. I have more pictures of all my kids on my webpage, if you want to check it out. I've just revised the first two pages, still need to re-do the 3rd page.
you can see more pics and I have the one that was accepted into an art gallery last year in Arizona. Actually, since I've been unable to work in the last 3 years, I've been filling my time with my kids, and catching them when I see a pose that would look good. I have hundreds of photos of them.
All of the cats on this site are gorgeous! I'm really glad I found it.
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I do so enjoy viewing your photos! More of Ginger, please!
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Sockie is a beautiful kitty!
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Thread Starter's one of Ginger!
Thanks for the nice comments!
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Aaaaw! Soo adorable!
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Picture perfect! You and your husband should be proud for doing that! Wonderful kitty, I wanna gobble up her cheeks! Hehe
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Sockie's beautiful!
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Oh and I just saw Ginger, she's a cutie as well.
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Thanks Everyone! I am really proud of all my beautiful kids! I have a lot of before and after pics. I can't believe the change in some of them.
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