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Mr. Bo Jangles...?half Ocelot?

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Can anynoe tell me about this cat? I've had him now over 2 years. He came to me on New Year's Eve, after he knocked on my door and I answered it. He ran between my legs and stayed in my basement for 3 months. I couldn't get near him. (I caught him to bring him to the Vet, but when he came home, it was back to the basement!)
I talked to him everyday and gradually gained his trust. At first he was so wild that if I got too close to him, I got a warning growl and hiss.
His face is different from any cat I've seen. I was told by a woman a few weeks ago that he's part Ocelot, because his tongue is smooth and wide, and his tail is 20 inches long. He's pure black, even his gums are black. He doesn't meow...but he tries.
He is now a big cuddly kitty. He sleeps in our bed and loves to be brushed.
One more thing, we brought him to the Vet after we found him, and he had to stay on IV's for 7 days because he was dehydrated, and was full of fleas, and it was cold and snowing outside when he came to us. He was neutered and is around 8 years old. He's very intelligent, and gets along with all my other animals, even the dogs.
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I really don't believe this cat is part ocelot. Just a cross breed feral who has had a bad life up until now. If he was part ocelot he would be a lot bigger, especially his paws. He is a pretty boy though.If he was part of an inbred colony it could explain the differences in his face and length of his tail.
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you could be right...but what about his tongue? The first time he licked me, I was so shocked I pulled my hand away. It's smooth and wide, almost human! Could it be just a quirk that happened through inbreeding? Here's one of him stetching...
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Again it could be an inbred quality or genetic quirk.
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thanks! Anyway, we didn't really care what he was once he became part of our family, but I was curious after a lady came over that is also into rescue, and told me she thought he was. So I thought I'd ask all of you for you opinions.
I'm so glad to have found this forum, and see all the other people and thier beautiful cats!
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For sure he is a very handsome boy
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I once had a rescued cat called "Cilla" who the vet told me came from the wild cat family. He looked very much like your lovely boy, but he was a lot chunkier, he weighed enormous and after much patience he became so close to me it was unbelievable. But he was jealous and would not let my then husband even sit next to me. Clever Boy!!
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He is such a beautiful cat and I especially like the 2nd picture.
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thanks everyone! Wow Cilla...I wish you had a pic of him. Mr. Bo Jangles weighs 28 pounds, and he usually loses weight in the spring and summer. He doesn't go out as much in the winter. He's strange, though, because he doesn't mind the snow or rain. He demands to go out, and when he sees it's bad weather, he still goes, but doesn't stay out very long. He knocks on the door to come in. I was thinking of putting a door bell down where he could reach it.
I saw him jump in our tree out front to the lowest branch, that's over my head and I am 5'2. He also runs our farm, we have 280 acres, and ran the cyotes out of our woods. He checks the barn daily and runs the woodchucks out.
He can out run my white Boxer, and that's unreal, because he can really travel. I saw him run across the field after a rabbit, and he sprints. I love rabbits, so I was kind of upset.
Here's another picture of him.
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Hi Kitty Mom, Yes the biggest mistake I made was losing all my photos in transit from Australia which is where I lived when I had Cilla. It was because of him that I chose my user name on the forum. I had a half Siamese at the same time who hated him but the dog a little australian terrier was his furry mate. I thought he was a girl which is why I called him Cilla but when I took him to be fixed he was a boy. He was a real beauty. I love the way Mr. Bo Jangles first came to you. Do you think he was sent to you? Cilla hid in my laundry for 3 weeks at first but after a while he was like my shadow. I bet he gives you lots of love.
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That's too bad! I would have loved to see your photos. Yes, I think he was meant to be with us. My husband thinks he's re-incarnated because he acts so human!
Mr Bo Jangles loves me more, but will allow anyone to pet and cuddle him. He only comes to me when I call him, though. That makes my husband jealous, because we really have a special bond that he's never going to be part of.
That's funny you would say you didn't know the sex of your cat, because that's what happened to me, too. I named Mr bo Jangles- Betty Boop, and was shocked when the vet told me she was a he! I had to come up with a masculine name, because I felt SOOO bad that I called him a feminine name! I called him MR. Bo Jangles, and he seemed to be sattisfied with the gender change in names.
It's crazy how close I am to him, he seems to know when I hurt and when I'm sad. I've been through 6 surgeries and am headed for one more next month. Mr Bo never leaves my side when I am home from the hospital! It's kind of we talk to eachother psychically. ( spelling)?
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That is so weird because Cilla was like that with me he knew me inside out. There are so many coincidences between Mr Bo Jangles and Cilla.
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Thread Starter I know! It seems we have the same cat! Maybe the Angels send them to people when they think they need some inspiration?
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Kitty Mom what a beautiful thought. I hope you have him many, many years.
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Mr. Bo Jangles is huge! He is such a different looking kitty! My 3 year old male tuxedo, Peppurr, is 3 feet long and 18 pounds (lost 2 pounds). The average cat is 29 inches long (including the tail). He is a cutie!
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Hi, Thanks Cilla's Mom. I really do believe these little guys are sent to us from above, because they seem to show up just when we need them the most!

Your tuxedo cat is beautiful! I have two of them, male and female. They are'nt related, but when we brought the female home, I had to get Black Jack Jr. a hurry! Sockie, the female was also spayed. They love each other, now. I had a wedding ceremony for them, because they would have eloped I think if they could have! Jr. holds her and hugs her every night. I have some really nice pictures of them hugging each other.
yes that's why I was trying to figure out just what kind of cat Mr. BoJangles was! I guess it doesn't really matter, though, because we love him no matter what size he is. I was just curious. I never measured him, but I did measure his tail, and it is 20 inches long. He's solid and heavy to pick up. He might weigh a bit more now, I haven't gotten his weight since his last Vet check up last fall.The strangest thing about him is his tongue. IT is smooth to the touch. He also has never meowed. He makes growling noises.
Here's Junior holding a flower in his mouth. (he's such a ham!)
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Mr Bo Jangles is one beutiful kitty!

I can't get over how large he is - reminds me of a small panther.

Oh, and I would love to see that long tail of his! Please post more pictures of him in the fur pictures forum.
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Alright, I'm looking for pictues that show his tail, but Mr. Bo is real shy about pictures. I'm going to try and get a few more when he's outside. Here's a photo of him, with his paw covering his face...but you can see his tail is curled behind him on the sofa.
YOUR girls are BEAUTIFUL by the way!
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I posted a reply to you Cilla, but for some reason it never went I can't remember what I said!!! But I do want to say that I find it strange our cats were SO MUCH alike. I'm very blessed to have Mr. BoJangles and all the ferals who stopped by my house or flagged us down. Caring for them has given me joy and happiness I never knew I missed.
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Wow, he definitly is a big boy and a beautiful one. Love that intelligent looking face.
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I don't see him being even part Ocelot. At least he doesn't look like the one's I've seen. Ocelot's have beautiful spotted coats, much to their bane, because hundreds of thousands of them are slaughtered each year in S. America to make fur coats. And our native American Ocelot is hovering on the edge of extinction. I have a great picture of a mother Ocelot and her babies if your interested, on my website. I'd post it here but I don't own the copyright.
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Thanks for letting me see your website, it's wonderful! Yes, I know they have spotted coats, but if you toook a black marker, it would look exactly like Mr. Bo Jangles! He does have very faint brown rings on his tail, and the thing that I still can't understand is why his tongue is so smooth. There's no prickly things on it like a normal cat. That's what started me wondering just what breed he really was.
I had a lady who has been in the cat rescue business for almost 20 years come over a few weeks ago. She spotted my cat, and without me even asking her, she examined him. She said she had seen one like him before, about 3 years ago and he was also pitch black. The man bred an Ocelot with a barn cat, and this is what he got. His face is also similar to an Ocelot, and his length and size match.
This is why I asked you guys, since I have no way to really know. He's a beautiful guy and so intelligent. He does have a wild streak in him, still.
Oh, there's one more thing...he chased away a pack of Cyotes that had a den in my back woods. We tried for years to get rid of those things, and even asked a hunter to come and remove them, since they were after my small dog and the cats. When the hunter went in the woods, he found the den was abandoned and he also said he saw Mr. Bo Jangles stalking the woods. I was wondering why we had so many deer last year. We usually didn't see anything but deer carcuses in our woods.
We live on a 280 acre farm, and Mr. Bo Jangles seems to enjoy hunting all of it. The weird thing is, when I call his name, he comes running across the fields and comes home everytime.
The lady who came over said that if he did have Ocelot in him, the Cyotes wouldn't mess with him, but they would a normal cat. We have lost a few cats out of a feral colony to the cyotes.
I don't know, maybe he isn't Ocelot, but it's weird that everything sort of adds up. Everything but his coat. That lady also told me that the Ocelot is the only cat that has the smooth tongue. I also noticed his eyes are slightly different. He squints a lot in the light, and that's another reason I have a hard time taking pictures of him, he closes his eyes everytime!
Well, it's been fun meeting all the different cat experts! I wish I could find out what kind of cat Mr. Bo Jangles is, just because of all the things that don't add up.
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Hi Kitty Mom, my furrbabes have just had breakfast and a play and Buttons is helping me on the computer, whatever I'm doing she does too. What a beautiful picture of Mr. Bo Jangles he looks even more like Cilla on that one. I think it's him. The expression on his face everything even his tail. The vet told me that he was definitely from the wild cat family but he didn't tell me which one - why didn't I ever ask??? By the way I absolutely love his name. Don't you just love Margaret's kitties, they are gorgeous. Does Mr. Bo Jangles nibble your knee? Cilla was black all over too even his gums just like your beauty. What colour is his skin? I don't expect a reply yet because of the time difference you are probably all curled up asleep. It was a long time ago that Cilla was with me and this is the first time I have ever met another puss the same. Thank you. That is a beautiful picture of Junior isn't he a sweetie. What a lovely family you have. The pictures I put on of mine are only smilies it's not really them I have to find out how to put the real ones on and get some decent ones of them. Getting my camera out today! Buttons is very feminine you can tell straight away that she is a girl.
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Hi Cilla! Yes, Margaret's kitties are absolutely GORGEOUS! Thanks...I feel so lucky to have so many beautiful little furballs.
I can't wait to see your pictures! I hope you can figure out how to put them on here!
I started taking photos of my guys after I bought my first digital camera, and had a lot of time on my hands to figure out how to do it! I'm still learning, but I can see from my earlier pics that I was awful at it when I first started! I'm hoping to improve as time goes by.
I just bought a new digital camera, and now I'm up to speed with the mega pixels, but I just found out through people on this site that I can change the size, and I never knew that! I'm so glad I found this site!
I just checked, and Mr. Bo Jangles has a greyish-white skin under his fur. I don't know if it's a winter coat, but he has a brownish hue to his fur, too. I can see very distinct brown stripes in his tail, but you have to look at it in the light to see it. He also has a brownish tint to the rest of him in the light. My husband thinks it's an underlayment of his Winter coat, but I've never noticed that before in him.
I spent most of the night last night getting my webpage updated. I have sooo many pictures, and I replaced quite a few of them with the new pics.
I know, your'e a few hours ahead of me in time, can't remember how many hours, is it 7 ?
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Beautiful cat. I had to earn alot of cat's trust, Im good at it now! Hope to see more pictures of him
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Hi Kitty Mom, You're certainly A1 at the pics now. They are gorgeous. That one of Junior with the flower in his mouth could easily win a prize. He has got such a cute face. I haven't got a digital camera so I am using an ordinary one and having them developed on a disc. I don't know if it will work but I am going to have a good try. It will probably be next weekend now when I get the pictures done. Have you seen that thread on the testing of cats at university. Then they put them to sleep. I was so shocked I didn't know they did that kind of thing of cats. Not that I approve of it on any animal, I don't. But how can they do that to the cats. There is a petition going out we can send by e-mail.
To talk of nicer things how is Mr. Bo Jangles?
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...awww,you guys are so nice I can't wait to see your pics, Cilla.
Meowz-r How old is your cat? I'm thinking the blue eyes make it a very young kitten?
I just found pictures of my babies when I found them. They were only 10 days old, only had 1 eye open, but they were the most beautiful blue eyes. I was hoping they would stay that way, but they turned a gorgeous copper/green.
I'll put a pic or 2 of them as babies, but please excuse the way they look, I wasn't very good at pictures back then! The kittens will be 2 years old this June.
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Awww! What precious little darlings you have there!
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Thanks! It's hard to believe they grew up to be such beautiful cats. I think those pics were taken right after I found them, so they would be close to 10 days old. Black Jack Jr. was in a field and turkey vultures were flying over him and circling him. I heard his cries, and went to investigate. The others were found a mile apart from eachother along our dirt road. We think someone threw them out the car as unwanted kittens, but will never know.
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