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Raised Rash

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Basil is a bit lumpy around his neck. They seem to be sores, but it's hard to see them because his coat is so thick. There has been no hair loss. The vet just said they were a flea rash. They don't appear to irritate him. We use Frontline on all four animals if we even see ONE flea.

Could they be from Tasha? They both play quite rough, grabbing each other around the neck, doing the "disembowelling" kick. Tasha is fine though. No lumps, no sores.

I have bathed him, but it didn't seem to help. As his coat is lovely and it doesn't seem to irritate him at all, how concerned should I be? I am sure it bugs me more than him. He is an indoor cat and he doesn't wear a collar of any kind.

I would prefer to use a natural remedy of some kind to clear this raised rash (is what it appears to be) up, if anyone has any suggestions in that area.
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I know that for some cats even one flea is enough to trigger an allergic reaction. Are you absolutely sure he is flea free? How long has this been going on? Has the rush come and go? Did the vet say it could be food allergy maybe?
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The rash comes and goes. It was completely gone for a number of weeks, but I have no idea what I did differently. I did switch the kitty litter but I am not sure if those dates correspond with the rash being gone.

I'll definitely take him back to the vet for another check up. I was just interested in perhaps a herbal bath or something that could help in the meantime. Hubby gets paid monthly, and the last two months we've squeezed in the neuter and spay of our dogs (glad that's done with!). So next month looks a bit freer. As I said, it doesn't irritate him at all. He doesn't scratch it or anything.

As for flea free. The house is as flee free as I can get it. We RARELY see a flea, and when we do it's usually after we've been to or had visits from other pet owners. (sounds nasty, but I'm not. I just have to have a flea free house because my daughter is allergic to insects of any kind) I haven't ever seen even one flea on Basil. When I have seen one (maybe 3 isolated single flea sightings in a whole year) it's been on one of the other animals.

I didn't even think of a food allergy. Thank you for your concern. Hopefully we'll get him rash free soon.
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Hmmmm this is interesting....Im still favouring the flea idea here simply because one of my boys had the same thing going on around the base of his spine and tail, its a lumpy scaley rash, when we took him to the vets (for a different reason) he said it was caused by a flea bite, the flea doesn't have to actually be living on the cat, even if a flea just bites him he has a nasty allergic reaction, unfortunately he does lick at the area (which causes some fur loss, but he is a Rex so he only has a little fur anyway!) but maybe your kitty is not licking at it simply because he cannot reach it (if its around the neck..) Just a thought, I hope you get it sorted out soon love!! Let us know!

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Ps that could be why the rash is coming and going, a flea bites, he has a reaction...it heals.....another flea bites ....the rash comes back...and so on....?

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Thanks for your thoughts bodlover.
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