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my kitten urgent~!!

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30 minutes ago my new baby was playing and alert...she threw up twice and now has become very lethargic...I am so worried and do not know what to do... if anyone can help ...please let me know...I am not sure what to look for and wont be able to get her to the vet till tommorow...she was a stray and is 5 weeks old now...

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I don't have any tips but I do want to send you some get better vibes for the little furbaby!
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Is there an emergency vet that you can contact? It sounds like she needs to be seen immediately! Could she have possibly eaten any toxic substance? How is she acting now?
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No there is nothing she could have gotten into..and i have no way to get to an emergency vet
I have been trying to give her pedialyte...she swallows a little but most just trickles out of her mouth...she has a blank stare and is not really responding to me...its like she is just fading..I dont know if i can handle this...i have grown so attached to her ...my poor baby.....
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Is there an emergency vet that you can call for advice? Does your vet have an after hours number?
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the animal hospital is closed...i called...
I think im going to try to call hissy...she is worse...
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Didn't know you had her number. Fantastic idea! Please let us know what she says (after you take care of your baby, of course) I'm really concerned!
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I called the emergency clinic back and sone one answered the phone...
she yelled at me for giving her pedialyte and then said it is probably just blood sugar and to give her karo..
I cannot find hissy number...
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How dare she yell at you during this crisis! I've read that these symptoms could be hypoglycemia! Do you have any Karo syrup? Too bad you can't get in touch with Hissy!
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I gave her the Karo but no change...she just keeps getting worse...she cant walk well....and is very unresponsive...also acts like she cant swallow well...
I think that lady was mad because i was asking her questions over the phone...
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How much were you able to get her to swallow? If it is hypoglycemia, she needs a certain amount in order to get her blood sugar up. Can you call the vet back to tell her this? Wow, I wish I was there!
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the lady said to put some on my finger and put it on her tongue...i did this about 6 times...how much does she need?
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I just talked to the ASPCA Emergency Poison Control Dr. I'm at work and that's the only emer. # I had immed. She said if it is a hypoglycemic episode, rub the karo syrup on her gums..about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon. She should become more responsive within 5-10 minutes. Repeat as necessary. She advised taking her to the vet after one dose.I'm getting ready to leave work, and will be home in about an hour. Please let me know how she is doing. The ASPCA # is 1-888-426-4435 just in case. Maybe you could call your emer vet back.
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If you still want to talk to Hissy, try sending airprincess a pm and let her know what is happening to this kitten. Airprincess is a friend of Hissy's, and as far as I know she has Hissy's number.

I hope this poor baby will be ok.
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Hope you can get in touch with Hissy! I sure hope your baby is doing better!
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OMG , I hope your baby is ok .

I will say a prayer for your kitten
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Can you take a cab to the emergency clinic?

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Lorien I am here now, check your PM's

dawn gave you the right thing to do. How is the kitten now? Is there no neighbor that can provide transport to an Animal ER Clinic? This kitten really needs to be seen by a vet.
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She got worse as the night went on ..i tried the karo again and again...finally i saod some long prayers and covered her up and went to bed...i was sure she was almost gone.
When i woke up this morning ...i heard the sweetest sound...a very small meow!!!!!!!!! she was bright eyed and bushy tailed!! Thank the Lord!!
she played for awhile and ate and now she is sleeping
Thank youa ll for being concerned.....
and thanx for calling the aspca dawnofsierra...
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YEAH!!!:flash: What a relief! The ASPCA was just the best thing I could come up with at the time..I was so concerned! Sorry you had such a rough night. Wonder what was wrong? Bet she's laughing to herself today. "Sure had them fooled, did you see how much attention I got just for acting sick!" You know it may still be a good idea to take her to the vet just in case, or at least see what your vet thinks about it. I'm so happy she's OK! Thanks for the update!
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My best guess would be she found something on the floor and ate it. As it traveled through her system it wrecked havoc with her causing the different symptoms that Lorie posted about. The kitten should go the vet today to be thoroughly checked out, just to be safe. If she ate something undigestible, it could eventually block her or worse. Because she is so young, there is a need for a vet to see her and examine her and even run an x-ray just to be safe.

I am glad she is better. Please let us know what the vet had to say after you take her in.
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I was so scared for your poor little baby as I read through these posts.
I'm relieved to hear she was feeling better this morning!

Will check back later to see how she made out at the vet.
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just wanted to let you all know...i took her to the vet and he thinks she has hypoglycemia. He said she looks great otherwise...she is very tired today but doing well...
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I'm so glad your kitten got through that crisis and she's ok.
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I am glad your baby is ok!!!
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Praise God she is doing good .
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praise god is right!!!!!!!Thank you all
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Lorien, I've been looking forward to getting back to the computer all night to see how it went at the vet. I'm SO thankful he said she is in good health! How does he suggest you prevent and/or treat future episodes of hypoglycemia?
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He said if she does it again ...use the karo...make sure she eats every two hrs...also if she does it again I am supposed to take her to him so he can take her blood and see whats going on when she does it.
I am a little concerned today because she has not pooed...has been peeing though...i tryed to put some pumpkin in her glop again but she refused it....then ate the glop plain...picky little bugger.
he also told me to keep soaked catfood out for her at all times...just in case she needs it...
she is going with us tommorow for easter dinner....so we can keep an eye on her...and because i cant bear to leave her at home
I am praying that this was what he said it was and not something more dangerous like a neuro problem...please say a prayer for her...she really scared me last nite...
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She has been in my prayers all day as well as last night. God will continue to watch over your baby tomorrow! How wonderful that you're taking her with you for Easter! btw, has she named herself yet?
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