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Feeling Abandoned

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Lately I've been feeling very depressed. To top that off it seems none of my friends have time for me at all.

So not only am I sad, I'm feeling abandoned as well.

I really don't know what to do. I figured I'd write here and maybe getting it out will make me feel better.

I'm beginning to think my friends don't care, so when they do call I want to not answer the phone etc.... which probaby isn't the best thing to do, but I can't help it.

Well, I'm still sad. I only have Emmett letf to talk to, which is kind of sad in itself.
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Creepyowl...I'm sorry you feel that way. Have you called any of your friends and told them how you "feel" and ask them what they actually think about you...because all you are doing right now is second guessing them and that does no one...including yourself any good.

I suffer from depression...this is what I have done to take care of me....I have a "happy book". It is a book of things that make me happy, maybe a movie...maybe a favorite food, maybe an activity I can do (like treating myself to a massage)...I keep this up to date and add to it whenever I find something "new" that makes me happy. Then, when I'm feeling down...I pick one thing from that book to lift my spirits.

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I have struggled with depression for years and what I do when I get down and feel like I can't do anything is look back on what I have done well. It makes me feel a little better and makes me want to do something else. Pretty soon Im feeling pretty good about myself again.
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If your friends are calling, pick up the phone and make a luncheon date, or go bowling or something. Get out of the house and away from the computer and just go out and do something active.

If you own your own place, paint your living room, or buy a new chair, or change the scenery if you can. Don't give into depression work against it, Seek counseling, talk to your doctor.
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I think you should speak to your doctor too. Sometimes we need a little help to get out of depression. Why do you think your friends don't care? You could write a list of the things they have done in the past to show they care. Maybe you just feel that you don't like yourself at the moment because of how you are feeling. I have a lot to do with depressed people and sometimes making a list of the things you like about yourself helps, it can help to make you like yourself again and remind you why your friends like you, but I think you must go the doctr. Glad you have got Emmett to talk to. Two christmas's ago I lots both my mother and my husband and I had my 17 year old cat Hercules (my very best friend) who helped pull me through it. Sadly he has crossed the bridge now, but I have four new furrbabes, they mean everything to me.
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Please don't isolate yourself. If your friends call, answer and go out with them. You probably do need to speak to your doctor. I have suffered from depression my whole life. Anti-depressants were a life saver. They can help immensely. Get some help, there is light at the end of the tunnel, even if you can't see it now. There is help out there, you have to make the first move to get it.
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Everyone here is right...they gave you good advice. I hope you feel better. There are a lot of wonderful people on this forum that really care about eachother.
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I know how that feels...there was a period of my life which all of my friends seem to disappear and I feel so alone... I didn't even have my kitties then... give yourself some time... maybe this is a time for you to do something u have always wanted to do... like what hissy said, do something with your house.. go out and get something special for Em... add anyone of us on your messenging list.. talk to us... ultimately, this stage will pass.. even before you know it..
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I would give you some good advice, but everyone else already has given A LOT! Yes, you seek some kind of help...also, didn't you just break up with your significant other?
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I shall confess you folks that I feel like kind of like Creepyowl many times recently. You know, just don't feel right. Get mentally exhausted with everything and nothing seems to entertain me at times. And without willpower to do anything. Its kind of like she describes it of feeling abandoned... although I never felt like that from Vicky. At times it feels so severe, that you feel the urge to ask yourself what is the purpose of life anyway. Honestly, Its something that at times brings me thoughts of doing something very rash and stupid, thoughts which I jerk away from my mind immediately.

Yesterday I was wondering on making a thread for this, but then I thought I shouldn't be bothering and worrying you folks with that. But since somebody else is going through the same, I guess I ought to say it anyway.
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Oh Shawna. Go out and have some fun girl, if your friend don't answer your calls go round and visit them. Hope you're feeling better soon, Depression is no fun!!
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You all have been so nice and helpful.

I am currently on anti depressants. My doctor lower my doseage, but the other day I had him put it back up to the old one. I hope that helps

This morning I started writting in a journal again. I made a list of the things in my life that are depressing me. Only 3 which surprised me, and how I wanted to change those for the better.

Since I was up bright and early I went to my weight watchers meeting and surprisingly to me I lost the 1.2 pounds I had gained 2 weeks ago when I was really sick. So that cheered me up a little.

I stopped at the SPCA to drop off the money for some tickets I sold for a fund raiser and told them I was availible to do things since I wasn't working and such.

I took a large dog for a walk today, or I should say he walked me. He actually pulled me right off my feet, it was very hard to control and by the time I got him back I was too exausted to take another one out. That adventure reassured that I'm a cat person 99.9% that .1% is for small dogs. I still really would like to get a pug someday soon. I'll never get a large dog EVER!

My friend Melanie is in town for the long weekend. We were going to do something tonight, but she wanted to go out to a bar, and I really I'm not a bar girl anymore. Plus I would have had to drive since she doesn't and then I wouldn't be able to havea few drinks and a 'j' so I told her I wouldn't go.

Now I type this feeling about 10% better then I did yesterday when I wrote the first post.

Thanks again.
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Glad you are feeling better today!

Did you just have a recent break up not too long ago? I thought that was you...if so...make sure you write down how you are feeling about that because that always helps

PM me if you need to ever talk..I'm here for ya!

Have a Happy Easter tomorrow!
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I feel like that alot. Sleep helps me. I like to write, and talk to people online. Try making things for Emmett, like a new toy or something! Your friends will have time for you sometime, dont worry. I agree, it helps going on here knowing the people all care for you and your pet needs Hope you feel better, bye
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Hope you're feeling OK at the moment. Emmett is gorgeous. Have you done anything nice today?
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I understand what you are going through. I battled this for a while myself & I've slowly gotten better about it. When I moved nearly a 100 miles away from my friends, they no longer talked to me. I felt abandoned just like you did, but I realized that maybe they don't realize that they've made me feel like this. So, I bit the bullet & started calling them up. It turned out that their lives were just as busy as mine even though all I dwelled on was that they no longer wanted me around. We all finally decided that we would stay in contact with each other as much as we could, but I also told myself that it's time to make some new friends along the way. Now, I don't dwell on my friends that I'm not around & have fun with the new things in my life.

I know it's hard to go through, but the blues will pass. I do hope that things turn around for you soon. Take care Hon & just remember we're here for ya!
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What wonderful advice from everyone, hope this helps. Please don't think it's sad to feel you only have your Emmett to talk to. My Sierra is my best friend and has loved me even when I felt like noone else did for almost 10 years! Thank you for sharing your feelings with us. We are your friends and are always here for you!
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Well, thats 12, now 13 people who care what you are feeling. And I'll bet your friends in RL are just the same. Give them a call! You'll be surprised by how many lives you actually touch.

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