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hi there!

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Hi all, this is a great website!!

My name is Val, and I volunteer at a nokill animal shelter. I work with the FIV and FeLV kitties. They are my babies ::

I am now in the process of searching for just the right adult kitty to bring into my home! My very first.

Anyway, it is very nice to be here, an I look forward to reading through the postings.

Peace, Val
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Welcome Val,

this a great site here, you will see...

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Hi Val and welcome!
I'm positive you'll enjoy it here! Hope to see you posting often!
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Well, you succeeded. You found the best place on the net to discuss kitties. You will love it here and will post often - after all, TCS is full of cat-nip and we all know how addictive that stuff is!
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Just another hi and welcome (saw you in Health & Nutrition)
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Hi Val and welcome to The Cat Site!!

You are a very special person to give your time to the special kitties with FIV and FeLV. I read your poem in Paws And Reflect. It was very touching.

The kitty you decide to adopt will be a very lucky kitty, indeed.
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Welcome to The Cat Site, Val. I hope you find just the right kitty for you. You'll love it here, and you'll get lots of good advice and support.
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Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome!! What sweet people I am meeting here.

I certainly know that I will enjoy being part of such a wonderful group of people, and I will be reading all the advice here.

Can't wait to get my kitty. It's all I talk about to my husband LOLOL...:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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A big welcome to the cat site Val and I hope you will find a kitten soon.

from Jenna and Felix
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Hi Val I'm new to.
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Hi Val

I'm a volunteer at an animal rescue organization called Helping Paws. I love the work and the people in it. But most of all I love all the cats and the success stories we get when they go to new homes. I have 7 of my own cats and can't have anymore till I move to a bigger place. So that also is a perk. I get to shmooze with all the babies and the other cats as well.

Welcome to the catsite!


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Just wanted to say Hi and Welcome to The Cat Site!!!
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Thank you all soooooo much.

I told the kitties from FIV and FeLV rooms about all of you nice people. They say hello and meooooow!

Butchie, Obie, Grayson, Ballerina, Tawny, Greely, Whitey, Scraggles, Story, Jude, Garfield, Toby, Foxy, Boots, Taylor, Bella, Casey.

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Ola, Welcome
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Welcome Val!!! Glad you are with us!
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Precious Val :angel2::daisy:...thanks for joining us and thank you for all the time you donate to those kitties that need love...that's so unselfish of you!!

Love, Peace &
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Blue, Debbie, and Catarina...

Thank you all so very much. I feel very welcome here.

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