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Charlie hates Natural Balance! Waahhh!

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I have been feeding Charlie a mixture of evolve and chicken soup for the cat lovers soul dry and precise and pet guard wet. I bought a bag of Natural Balance dray and 7 cans of the wet. I tried to give him a little Ulta Natural Balance wet and he turned his nose up!

So dissapointed....I hope he likes some of the other flavors more...
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You know what my cats didn't like the Ultra Premium formula much the first couple times I gave it to them. They were so used to their ProPlan junk food. They really like the Natural Balance Turkey & Giblet, and now they will eat the Ultra Premium formula too, though they still do not prefer it.

Maybe he will like the turkey formula better, or like this formula after he eats it again.

Does he like the dry food? My cats LOVE the dry food. They will eat it over their old favorite Eukanuba and over Chicken Soup.
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My cats love Natural Balance! They inhaled the wet food when they tried it, and they are free fed dry. This is byfar the best food my cats have ever eaten! It gives them so much energy and makes their coats super shiny! The Ultra Formula has chunks of carrots which my cats ate around. They love the Turkey & Giblets formula.
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Whenever I introduce a new food (dry or wet) to Nakita, I have to introduce it very slowly! Otherwise, she would not eat it. When I introduced Natural Balance wet, I mixed it with her Wellness canned over a 3 day period.

That is the only way I can introduce a new food. She's a Wellness addict and in her eyes nothing else is edible.

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That's funny, mine didn't like the ultra formula as much either at first. He likes the Fish one as well as the turkey. But is warming up to ultra.
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