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Another newbie here. Hi all, my name is Traci and I am owned by two gray cats that pretty much think they run my life.

Gandalf, my oldest furball, will be a year old in June. He's my special order kitty. My cousin messed around and didn't get her female cat fixed soon enough and when her time was nearly here, I sat down with her and asked if she would give me a grey kitten. When she started having her kittens my cousin called me immediately to let me know that she had indeed had my gray kitten. He's got white tipped feet in the front and white socks on his rear feet and a white chin. I think the momma cat took my request to heart, he was first born and the biggest of kittens. He's still a pretty large cat but incredibly gentle.

Samwise, my youngest furball, will be a year old in July. I had picked Gandalf up about a month earlier and I was begining to think that I needed to get him a companion. I was just getting ready to start looking for another cat, when my cousin called (the same cousin that gave me Gandalf); a stray had found it's way to her porch. I could almost hear the smile in her voice. Traci, she said, do you want another cat? So of course I went over that evening and there he was. A tiny solid grey kitten with permanent smile, he stole my heart immediately.

Even my parent's are under their spell, everytime I go over there they pout if I don't bring what they have affectionately dubbed "the boys".

Hopefully I'll get some pictures of the boys posted this weekend.

I look forward to meeting each of you and hearing your tales of your own furballs.

Traci aka GrayKittenLove
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Welcome to the site Traci! Gandalf and Samwise sound just wonderful, and I can't wait to see pictures of them. There's more than a few people here who share your love of grey or blue cats.
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Your baby's really sound very pretty and sweet to me , I sure can't wait to see some pics of them
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Welcome to The Cat Site! That's funny, my two male kitties are dubbed "the boys" as well!
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Welcome to TCS.

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WElcome to TCS to you, Samwise and Gandalf.
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Welcome to TCS Traci, Gandalf and Samwise! The rulers of your life sound wonderful, and I look forward to seeing pics of both of them!
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welcome to the site i to am owned by a grey cat
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We are an eclectic group in case you couldn't tell
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Welcome Traci.. and the two furrballs. Hope you enjoy it here.
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this should be Sawmise.
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This is Gandalf
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I think I'm in love
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Samwise and Gandalf are so gorgeous Welcome to TCS
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They are both very handsome.
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hi there and welcome to the club,, i am happy to hear your story about your cats.. we have four cats and 3 just had babies.. one's name is mollie, the other is smokie, and patches are the ones who just had kitties... when we can get some pics of the babies i'll send them. welcome to the club.. my name is traci too.. i'm from mass...
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Traci gorgeous would love my smokee.. i'll have to post you a pic of her... she had babies just like yours.
traci from mass
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welcome to the site
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