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Help: young versus old cat

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Hi All

I have a bit of a problem.

I'm new here, so here is my story:

Last june I got my puppy, and I already had a cat, Oliver a 7 year old castratet red and white cat. Oliver was a bit scared or chocked by the sight of Luna, my labrador puppy, and after 4 months he was still living on top of the kitchen cabinets!

So I thought: "Why not get a kitten to act as alink between the dog and the cat?" And so be it. October 31. 2003, I got Oskar, a approx. 12 weeks old grey kitten. Oliver and Oskar seemed to get on fine, and now Oliver is everywhere, in the livingroom, the bedroom and kitchenfloor.

But all is not well in my little household! Oskar is chasing Oliver, and Oliver is not returning the ounches but tries to escape instead. Every time Oskar attacks Oliver, Oliver is screaming. Not very nice to listen to, and I break it up, whenever I can, but I do work, so is not home all the time. Oskar has not yet been castrated, but will be in about a months time.

I've been told I've put a teenager and a pensioner together.

Now I'm wondering, will it help if Oskar is castrated? Because this is not fair on Oliver. I need to say, Oliver was totally downtrodden by my first cat, she is no longer among us, because of inbreeding she started to attack me.

Oliver has been scratched on his ear today, and I'm getting desperate.

Hope you can help me! I DO love my little kitty, but am at my witts end!

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Things will calm down between the 2 cats once Oskar is neutered.

How did you introduce them? Did you just put them in the same room and said "Say Hi Guys" ? or did you do it gradually?? I would pick up some Feliway to restore some calm. Right now Oskar is still a kitten and full of energy.
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Old cats can be led a 'dogs life' by a young kitten, but 7 is not old!
I suspect that having been bullied by the previous female,and then had his life turned upside down by what he regards as a large and scary interloper, the addition of another cat who appears to "attack" (though only playing) is just too much to take.

CertainlyI would neuter the kitten,it can only be a good thing and will help to minimise any dominant tendencies he may have. I would also give Oliver a space in which he can be safe, and feellike top cat...........perhaps only allow him in your room at night.

The Feliway diffuser will help him to feel less threatened, and it sounds as though he may benefit from some Rescue Remedy to help calm him a little.

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Thanks for the quick response. Well when I got Oskar in the fall, Luna the dog wasn't home, and I took the carrier in to the kitchen, put it on the floor and opened it. Oskar went out on the fllor, and Oliver sat on the kitchencounter a couple of minutes and then jumped down to him.
It all went very well. They sniffed a bit to eachother and soon staarted to pur and rub their heads on eachother.

It seems to have started getting bad in the past 2 or 3 months. But why will Oliver just cope, scream and run for cover?, why doesn't he just turn around and fight back? Now he has a scratch on the ear, it doesn't look nasty but still.

I think I'll contact my vet today to order an appointment to get Oskar neutered and to buy some Feliway.

It can only help - not make things worse. Thankfully its still easter and I don't have to go back to work before tuesday.


Do you mean leaving Oskar out of the bedroom at night, so its only Oliver in there? Can't be done, have tried. He just starts crying and scratches the door - and he won't let up. Tried for 15 minutes one evening.

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Not an expert- just my experience.
I introduced a kitten to a 9 year old last year- think I did all the right things. The first couple of weeks were horrible- the it settled- they started playing- and the picture in my signature was taken after 2-3 weeks. Had him desexed at 4 months.
But when my older cat is unwell (not very often)he can be a bit too much for her.
At least he is a complete sweetheart- and seems to know when to leave her alone.
When she's well they chase each other around and play together.
So basically what I'm saying- have you thought about a vet check on your older cat?
By the way- I found feliway a great help when I was introducing cat and my older one was upste.
best wishes
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Thanks all

I've just taken a very hard decision and given Oskar away. He is now with a young guy living alone. He has had cats before, so he knows what he's dealing with. And Oskar liked him.

They must be at his new home any minute now.

It's tough, but I think I did the right thing for all of us.

I'm crying right now so sorry if there are any mispellings, can't really see what I'm writning

Now I will take my dog for a long walk in the sunshine and cry some more

Write again soon.. And tell how Oliver is doing.

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