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Funniest Things Your Cats Do?

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Tiki loves to...
  • Put her toys in her water bowl.
  • Take q-tips and pens out, then carry them around the apartment.
  • Create little forts and hiding places by squeezing under blankets and pillows.
  • Run horizontally along the back of the couch as fast as she can.
  • Play hide-and-seek -- she loves to be startled, then chase us.
  • Have conversations with us when she's tired or hiding.
  • Sit at the side of the tub during showers and baths.
  • Ask to be held like an infant by standing on the keyboard and waiting to be picked up.
  • Sit on the window ledge above the kitchen sink and watch everything that goes on (cooking, dishwashing, etc...)
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Sneak into cabinets and scare me when I open them

Lock themselves in rooms and then cry like their dying till I open the even figured out how to remove the doorstop

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Well Neko is Mr. Tickle Monster, last night he was laying on my bed with me lightly rubbing his paws across my feet, it tickled so much. He would not stop either, if I moved my feet he would find them and start tickling me again.

Next is my magic kittie Onyx
Ok, we have not owned pipe cleaners in at least 10 years! We have only been in this house for 8 years, yet one day I find a pipe cleaner in Onyx's food dish. So I threw it away, next day another pipe cleaner of different color was there, throw that away and it keeps happening, he is coming up with tons of pipe cleaners (he doesn't go outside, strictly indoors). I swear he is magic!
He loves putting toys in his food dish, you know those long feather toys? The plastic stick with feathers on the end? Well one day I was in the kitchen and I see Onyx walk in while dragging something behind him! He found the feather toy and brought it into the kitchen and proceeded to try and put it in the food dish!

Cats are so funny!
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Flips my face with his tail if I am watching TV or reading and he wants to be loved on or swishes his tail back and forth across my paper while Im studying.
Lays on top his food bowl or in the doorways of either the bathroom or the kitchen when he wants to be fed.
Has destroyed a blind in the bedroom far enough up that he can lay on the bed and see out the window with ease.
Can work the child proof locks on the cabinets.

Sleeps in the litterbox.
Eats with her paws.
Sits IN the shower with me in the mornings.
Pulls all the towels off the rack in the bathroom and makes a bed out of them.
Can work the child proof locks on the cabinets.
Has adopted the furry mice toys as her babies and moves them from room to room, one by one.
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oh, my gosh...some of you seem to have the same cats as I do!
Junior started washing his face and hands in my bath tub after he saw his Papa doing it...(older feral cat who adopted him as his own) and uses the toilet, but doesn't flush. He gives me wet kisses when I'm on the sofa trying to watch tv.
Mr Bo Jangles...(papa) brings live birds and mice in the house to the kids (his adopted family) and tries to show them how to hunt. I have to catch them and put them back outside.
He also covers any dish on the floor, and all litter boxes. My husband cleaned my car out, last year and put my medical records on a chair next to the litter box. (I had them in my car so I wouldn't forget them). I asked him a few hours later where my medical records were, because I had to bring them to a new doctor. He flew out of his chair and rushed to the porch where he put my records...but they were already scrunched into the litter box, all full of nasty residue. I tried to clean them up, but I ended up having to bring them the way they were, and make copies of them. The doctor understood, because his nurse has cats.
Mr Bo also sleeps covering his eyes with his paws, and wakes up quickly if I brush another cat. He loves to be brushed. He opens doors and will knock on the door if wants to come in. He comes to his name when outside. When he wants to eat, he will climb ontop of the food container and sit there until he's noticed. He loves to ride in the car, and I once caught him in my car by himself, and still can't figure out how he did it. I was home alone, and when I looked through my kitchen window, I saw him sitting in the driver's seat holding the
steering wheel, with all the doors closed.
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I saw him sitting in the driver's seat holding the steering wheel

Sounds like he was going with or without you there!
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yes, it does, doesn't it? I'm thinking maybe I'd better start hiding my car keys...
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JC makes phone calls with the redial button (his record with the redial button is Tokyo, his record without it is Auckland, though Havanna was quite interesting), turns the floor lamp in the living room off, preferably when one of us is reading, steals faxes out of the machine and hides them in his litterbox, presses the "test button" on the laser printer until the paper runs out, turns the VCR and DVD player on and off - in short, he's fascinated with buttons on electric/electronic devices.
His other hobbies include opening cabinets and any Tupperware contained therein, walking up or down the rather steep railing of our spiral staircase while I cringe, leaping up on and "riding" my swivel desk chair, and hanging bat-like from his 7 ft. cat tree, generally when we're absorbed in the news. He also likes to move the balcony furniture and the potted palm (on castors) in the living room.
Aren't cats wonderfully weird?
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I think all the furrbabes I have just been reading about on this thread a bundle of fun. These are some of my families smilies
Buttons loves water. She splashes the drinking water all over the kitchen floor and I have to refill it constantly. She also loves the computer, she sits in front of the screen watching the movement and I have to keep on moving her onto my lap so that I can see what I am typing. She has figured out that the mouse makes things happen and if I leave go of it she presses it. A few weeks ago she was walking around the rim of the bath and fell in she was absolutely soaking and I had to get out of the bath to dry her. If any of the others are scratching the furniture I tell them to use the post and she immediately runs to it and starts scratching as if to say "I'm a good girl".
Felix puts all the toys in the drinking water whatever they are if they fit in they end up there.
When I have finished grooming them Tara comes to me and strokes my hair then washes it with her tongue. She also has a special dance which she only does on the back of the sofa. Tara has taught Felix how to do her dance but he is a bit clumsy.
Pebbles just opens all the doors then comes and falls asleep in the first room she was in. She often falls asleep in one igloo and then jumps out into another one and falls asleep again.
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Felix puts all the toys in the drinking water whatever they are if they fit in they end up there.
What is up with this? Tiki does the same.
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Nothing up with it I just think its funny
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I wonder if that's something they all do? A few of mine put toys in food dishes, but not the water dish.
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we also have a "clepto" cat...she steals whatever is on the cofee table and runs and hides it. She once took my medication and hid it so well, I didn't find it for months. (she took it in the basement and hid it in a box). I caught her several times running up the stairs with my camera. Does anyone else have this problem?
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Lets see. Max jumps up on the back of and "rides" my swivel chair in the office. He also attacks and "kills" the paper coming out of the printer. He will jump up, snatch it out of the tray, throw it on the floor and sit on it, very proudly. He makes all sorts of funny noises. I've never heard a noisier cat! He grunts and snorts. He will throw himself down and roll over on his belly right in front of you (even when you are walking) when he wants to be loved. He sleeps on my head on my pillow.

Simon cannot stand a closed door. He will stand on his hind legs and push it open if he can. If not, he sticks his paw underneath and cries until you open it. Simon loves rolled socks. He will carry them around, sleep with them, hide them.
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Opie: sits in the window, hisses, growls and swats at the dogs. He drags his brush out from wherever I have placed it and grooms his face. Then, he jumps onto Bill's lap and holds his face up, to be admired. Night before last, Rowdy was holding Opie's brush hostage, by laying on it and Opie was cussing her out.

Rowdy: Opens the bathroom cupboard, pulls towels off the towel bars, slides the shower door back and forth, removes the top of the wastebasket and methodically empties it. She steals Bill's elastic hair ties, from wherever he hides them and stashes them under the bathroom rug. When Bill takes off his socks, she rolls herself up in them and plays. She sticks her head down into his fleece-lined slippers and runs across the floor, with her head inside one of them.

Buddy: Gets into my laundry basket, puts my dirty underwear on his head and rolls around. Grabs whichever item of clothing, that I am trying to don and hangs onto it. As soon as I remove an item of clothing and put it on the bed, he grabs it. I believe that Buddy was a transvestite, in a past life.

We don't have kitty water bowl incidents but, Pearl drops rocks, sticks and toys into the dogs' water tub. She then "bobs" for them or paddles her paws in it. We use a 5-gal washtub, for the dogs' water and it has to have the dirt washed out of it, on a daily basis.

Ike doesn't do anything weird. He just hangs out, plays with Pearl, barks at strangers and sleeps - normal dog stuff.
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This is a great thread.

Simba is a real piece of work.
He will walk in front of you and cut you off as you are trying to go somewhere.
He gets under the bed and then jumps out to scare you.
He has a "girlfriend" a blanket that he carries in his mouth and has his way with in front of people.

Will demand you pet her and then run off the bed and come back.
Will not come for food unless you "invite" her

Sleeps all the time -- she actually gets up. Then eats, poops and returns back to where she was sleeping. I have seen her stay in the same spot for almost an entire day.
Sleeps next to me under the covers like a person.
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This is really an entertaining and enlightening thread!
I almost forgot...I have a male cat, Junior, who opens my dresser drawer and steals my socks and underware and then methodically brings them downstairs, one at a time. He puts them down infront of me and heads back upstairs to get more. It's kind of embarrassing when you have company over.
I've changed drawers to confuse him, but he finds my underware drawer and goes to town.
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Snowball: shakes his head "no" in response to certain things I say to him. The other night Snowball was lying on my lap while I was reading threads here at TCS. When I said "mom has to get up now" he shook his head "no". And here's something that happened just last night, there was a small bug crawling across the floor, Snowball had been stalking it and then went into a crouching position nearby. I said "can't you find it?" and he shook his head "no" and then got up a minute later and started stalking the bug again.

This cat must have a through understanding of the english language and only PRETENDS he doesn't. LOL!!!!! (I don't seriously mean this.)
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Saki puts his mice in his food and water bowls too Maybe he's trying to tell me he'd rather have mouse for dinner! He also jumps up sideways on things when he gets in his 'hyper' mode. It's the funniest thing to watch him jump up sideways against the counter and then run full speed to the other room.

Zoey chats with us constantly.. every time she has a different meow too. We mimick her and then she mimicks us. She will also lay on her back with all four paws almost sitting up and chatter with us that way too.

They both have to announce when they are done in the litterbox by caterwauling..
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Rosie jumps in the bath when it's more or less emptied to go after the bubbles, also does 'the wall of death' run along the back of the couch during a mad half hour, meows at you if you look at her when she's on the litter tray!, drinks out of the tap, chases after my feet when i take my slippers off!.

What made me laugh yesterday though was my next door neighbours cat who sits on the adjoining wall turned to look through my kitchen window. I put Rosie onto the unit to see him, but this cat usually hisses at her and she shy's away.
Rosie peeped around the window at him when he got up and walked off, at which point she jumped onto the sill and stood on her back legs as if to say "come back and hiss at me now!!!"
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Well I used to call Samwise the kangaroo kitty because he would get startled or start playing with Gandalf and jump straight up in the air. He is the jumpiest cat I've seen.

Gandalf on the other hand is interest in water. He sits on the edge of the bathtub when I take a bath and has to stand on the vanity when I have the water running the sink. I also wash my hair by bending over the side of the tub and he likes to climb on my back and watch. He used to just jump into the tub and keep backing up from the water until he couldn't any more. He's fallen into the bath tub and toilet both more than once. It's not very funny when it happens but afterward I nearly crack up everytime I think about it. Just the expression on his face alone it great. (Sometime I'll have to snap a picture of it.

Something else that both the boys do is climb up of office chair and hang off the side. I think they were mountain climbers in a previous life.
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Oh, this thread is a scream!

Red Cat - When outside, comes to the glass slider meowing loudly to get in. When I come to the door he looks at me for a minute, then turns and runs. A bit like a kid who rings the doorbell and runs, I think. The first thing he does after coming in from outside (after demanding to be petted) is to go check to see that I have left the storage room door unlatched, so he can have a quick escape if anyone else should come. Guess we humans should be as cautious that emergency exits are never blocked when we enter a building, too.

Purdy - He is probably eight or nine years old. I got him as a stray. And he still chases his tail big time. At 4:30 a.m.! He also seems to chase and pounce on imaginary mice and jump in the air catching imaginary flies or hummingbirds. I always thought of those activities as being kitten behaviors, but he is still doing them, fat middle-aged boy that he is.
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Pepper sits on the back of the couch and licks the condensation off the windows! (And yes, he does always have lots of fresh water lol) He also lays under the couch on his back with all for paws gripping the underside of the cushions. He will just stay like that forever, not pulling or scratching, just hanging out with all his legs up!
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He puts his paw on my face like "wake up" if I sleep late, not early but if I sleep late on weekends.

He stands RIGHT by the door when I take out trash or go out quicky cause he knows I will be back quickly and unsuspecting and then jumps over my feet to get out when I open the door

He follows me everywhere, no matter what I am doing.

He meows and meows to get out, and then sometimes will immediately turn around and want back in.

When I get home from work he rolls over and over like a dog

He doesn't carry things to weird places at all. He used to be really over dramatic about his litter box, but that has calmed down. I mean he would drag anything into it to cover up his stuff.
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Pearl has recently staked out a spot on the couch, and if someone is sitting in it, or not sitting correctly on the couch, she will poke the offender in the ribs with her nose until she gets what she wants. She will stay in that spot all day and watch TV.
Georgia will tap you on the shoulder with her paw to get your attention. She doesn't make a sound, she just taps. She will wave to you as you leave the room.
Pepper likes to give hugs. She hugs me. my s/o and any of the other cats that will let her. Pearl won't let her, but sometimes Pepper will sneak up on Pearl, give her a big hug, and run away.
Fred is so old and goofy, he is always doing silly stuff. Lately he has taken up residence in a box on top of the dryer. He dragged a towel in and has made himself comfortable. When he gets tired of that little retreat, he will take his towel and find another one. He lived in an upside down Harley fender for awhile, but I guess he got tired of getting greasy! As long as he is comfortable, he can hang out most anywhere he wants. He gets really mad at me when I take his towel to wash it. He will sit and stare at me with what we refer to as the "Aqualung" stare, for those of you old enough to remember the Jethro Tull album by that name. It had that creepy guy on the cover.
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Oh, yeah, another thing my silly little Pepper does! We had been wondering what was happening to our bread, it kept getting squashed in the middle. I caught Pepper in the bread basket kneading right in the middle of the loaf. I guess that solves that little mystery!
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Sphinx runs like a thoroughbred after he uses his litter box. But we get .

Kuce takes her favorite toys and drags them around the house until she finds someone to play with her. She also hides in the cupboards and tries to scare us.

Neither has done the 'drop the toys and mice in the water or food dishes' yet.
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There is a direct relationship between the amount of food in the bowl and how many balls are in the bowl. I think Trent tries to fill it up himself. They used to put balls into the water bowls, but then they couldn't get them out and playing with the wet balls after I got them out apparently wasn't much fun.

Trent likes being held like a baby for snuggles, and when he naps in the snuggle position, he will make me put my hand on his tummy. He will wiggle and wiggle and move my hand to the right place with his legs until it is right on his tummy and then fall asleep!

Ophelia narcs on Trent, even if he didn't really do anything wrong. She will start it, but when he starts playing back she'll scream like he's killing her. It took a while but Daddy finally figured it out after he saw it from start to scream. Oh, and she bulldozes her way into snuggling with Trent.
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