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General Question

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I have four inside cats and 6 outside ferals. Two weeks ago, I left the house on a Sunday morning and noticed blood on my porch. I thought maybe one of the ferals had gotten hurt, but animals usually don't think too much of walking in blood spatters and there were no pawprints, not on the porch, steps, out the back, nothing. I went over to my neighbor and she had blood on her porch too. She does NOT feed the outsiders.

She told me that the police had had the helicopter up the previous evening and since there was blood on both porches, I called the police and asked someone to stop by and take a look at the scene. A very nice young office came by and checked my porch and steps and my neighbors. He said that the previous night there had been an attempted carjacking down the corner and the helicopter had been sent up to check the area out. He said that he didn't think it was an animal that got hurt.

So, here I am with 9 cats and of course, none of the bark. I am thinking of getting a little Chihuahua to keep in the house to warn me when there are people around. My KiyaChan was brought up with one about three years ago, and I am fiercely allegic to dobs, but I can handle a Chihuahua. What do people think? Any advice, comments gratefully accepted.
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I guess if it makes you feel safer in the neighbourhood with a dog, i dun see why you shouldn't get one.
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Motion activated porch light...really big deterrent.

And an inexpensive door bell thingie, like some stores have...then you'd know if the door was opened.

I'd hold off on the doggie if you are allergic to them, and stick with other simple items.

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Introducing a puppy or very young dog shouldn't be too difficult, but I'd suggest really reading up on dog care before making a decision if you've never had a dog. Does it have to be a Chihuahua? You could check around at local shelters to see if there are any small (mixed-)breed puppies available. That way, you could be saving a life.
Uh, oh, I just saw that I probably misunderstood - I thought you were "allergic" to "Dobermans", not dogs. If that is the case, I'd advise against getting a dog, unless perhaps you can tolerate poodles.
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Sorry my typing is just plain bad today. I am allergic to dogs. Chihuahua's have very, very short hair. Actually I like the motion activated light a whole lot better, no food, water, vet bills. Just shows that I wasn't thinking right.
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You could probably handle a dog that doesn't shed. My mom is deathly allergic to dogs, but she kept a schnauzer for 15 years with no problems. Nothing got by him either. If there was a person within a mile he was up barking and carrying on.

You can tie bells together with ribbons and hang them from all your windows and doorknobs. That's what I did for awhile when I was worried about my ex husband coming into the house. You can usually get packages of those big bells at the dollar stores and fabric stores for a reasonable price.

I had someone try to break into my back porch by cutting the screen on the door and unlocking it. Of course my backdoor is deadbolted so they hit a dead end for sneaking in quietly..My landlord put up a light that comes on at dusk and goes off at dawn and I've not had a problem since.
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I think the motion activated light sounds like a great idea, and maybe a simple alarm that will go off if you front door is opened, like someone already mentioned.

Another good idea is to go to your local pet store or wal-mart type store and buy the BIGGEST dog water bowl you can find... get a big sharpie and write something like "SPIKE" on the side, or another dog name that usually referrs to big mean dogs. Fill it with water and keep it on your front porch for the kitties. They'll like having the water and intruders will think you have a HUGE dog living there. Maybe even put a "beware of dog" sign on your fence or near your house. Sometimes just making them THINK you have a big guard dog is enough.
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That is another good idea. Thank you also.
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There's several members of the terrier family that are good for people with allergies, Lakeland terrier is one that comes to mind. Motion sensor lights might be a cheaper, less maintenance way to go though.
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Another idea: go to a used-clothing store & buy a large pair of men's work boots, and set them by the door.

I've also seen devices you can hook over the doorknob & will play a recording of a dog's bark if the door handle is moved.

I'd think long & hard about getting a dog - taking on the care of a dog isn't something that should be an impulse decision, especially if you're allergic. Dogs require a lot of attention, socialization, and training. If you do decide that you want one, it's a good idea to research your chosen breed carefully, or talk to the staff at an animal shelter about your expectations before adopting or purchasing a dog.

BTW, glad all your cats are OK!
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