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Here we go again, with Pete

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Here we go again. At least Pete has stopped peeing on my bed. Now however, he will not sleep quietly with the others, he has to start jumping at imaginary insects on the bed, biting the devil out of my poor toes and when I try to get him out of the bedroom, he runs around like he is insane. On the bed, hunkered down like he is stalking something, off the bed like a flash and on top of the tv. Down off the tv and into the bathroom, up on the sink, in the sink, back on the bed. He is not confined, the damn door is open. Is this just like a "good morning" salute or do I need to consider pyschiatric attention?
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What kind of toys etc does he have in the room?

What kind of activity does he have during your waking hours?

Sounds to me like he just wants to play, and he wants to play with you. But that his timing is off. Not knowing much more, just hypothesizing here, he isn't very active, or either he isn't getting enough attention from you at other times, so he is taking attention through any means he knows.

My thoughts at the moment,

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Hummmm, that goes along with the "marking" behavior that we had to fight with earlier. I guess Pete still feels like he is low man on the totem pole and I really have not been paying a lot of attention to him. Come to think of it, when he gets up in front of the computer so he can have lovings, he gets a couple of pats and that's that. Hummm, I will have to think about this. Thank you very much, I appreciate your time and trouble.
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No trouble at all...you're welcome.

Every cat is unique, pete will come around.

Keep us posted.

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I put a 6 foot tall cat condo right outside my bedroom door (between my bedroom door and the bathroom) and it works wonders for the night time crazies when they arise. Fortunately my hallway is wide enough for us to get around it in the middle of the night without stubbing our toes on it. I have never passed it without seeing at least 1 or 2 cats on it, and usually going up and down it.
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