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Is my cat mad at me?

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I've had "Otter" for about 6 months ... she is a replacement kitty for the 17 year old cat I had to put down last year. I had to leave town for three days ... left Otter with lots of food, water, some music and the run of the whole house. When I got back she had peed and pooped all over my bed while I was away. There have been no other changes in the house ... litter box is HUGE, clean, and private. She has alwasy peed on the very edge of the box, but gets it all in most of the time. She isn't a burier ... gets in the box ... does her business and jumps out. Do you think the mess on my bed was a result of me being away?
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Even tho we all assign human emotions to our cats, they don't know how to really be spitefull. I would look for an underlying problem, like the litter box or health.

I leave my 2 boys while on trips all the time. I have never had them do this.

It sounds like you need a larger litter box, esp if she routinely pees on the very edge.
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3 days is a long time for a cat to be left alone . Many cats react very stressful in that time and do things they normaly don't do , like the litter problem in your case . You have to remember that all your baby know was that you left her and she had no clue you would come back to her again . If you go again away for 3 days , you may want to look into getting some one to come by at least once a day to check on her .
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Have you tried a different litter perhaps?

The edge of the box thing, and the not digging makes me curious as to the type of litter.

If this behavior was a one time thing, and she is faithful to the box when you are around, it could be related. I'd suspect something else first, but would take steps to discourage a repeat occurance also.

Play it safe,

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When cats potty on their human's personal items (like beds or clothing) it is usually a sign that they are stressed. However, the thought of three days worth of pee and poop piled up in one box would be enough to make any cat find another place to potty...especially if she's not a coverer. Think about the fact that when she potties, she has to stand IN her old pee and poop. I would have avoided the box too!

So, next time, if you can't get someone to come in to visit and to clean her box daily, simply put out two extra boxes. One box for each day gone should help her have a more appealing place to potty each day. And, the day before you leave, plug in a Feliway Comfort Zone diffuser which emits a calming pheramone. It might help her feel more relaxed.

If she continued to potty outside the box now that you are home, you will need to take her to the vet. Pottying outside the box is the most common symptom of urinary tract infection. And, these UTIs are often caused by stress.
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i work 12hr nights, sleep days, and sometimes leave to go into town or go to my step-dads and when i come home she(myrtle)greets me, this morning i came home at about 1am and she crawled up onto my bed and urinated why? this is the 3rd and final time that is ever going to happen. now i have to replace my quilt again and now my mattress as well i cant afford this stress!
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Originally Posted by wulffmann
i work 12hr nights, sleep days, and sometimes leave to go into town or go to my step-dads and when i come home she(myrtle)greets me, this morning i came home at about 1am and she crawled up onto my bed and urinated why? this is the 3rd and final time that is ever going to happen. now i have to replace my quilt again and now my mattress as well i cant afford this stress!
This could be the result of several things. One: she could be sick and needs to see a vet. Two: she's reacting to the fact that you're gone all the time. Peeing on the bed (your personal belongings) is a sign of stress (as was stated earlier). Plus, she could be seeking attention. Peeing on the bed makes you at least talk to her ("Myrtle, why?!"). If its lonliness related, you could always get a second cat for companionship for her. If its the first thing, then, well, obviously you should get her to a vet
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Since she is continuing to do this, you should take her to the vet. As I mentioned before, stress can cause urinary tract infections in cats AND when cats have UTIs they tend to pee on the floor/bed. The vet will take a urine sample and if it is positive for infection will give you antibiotics to give to your cat.

So, please make an appointment right away and have her checked for a UTI.
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I had a semester where I had school 3 nights a week from 5:30-9:30, I work a full time 9-5 job Mon-Fri. and on weekends and the other nights off spent my time doing homework or running my errands. Dori became upset with me. When I did come home she would ignore me and then start acting crazy. Running through every room in the apartment, knocking things over and when I would try to hold her she would bite me and run away and hide. I think it was either the lack of playtime, or her getting back at me from being gone so much. Once she even jumped inmy bowl of nacho cheese dish and ran all over. I SWEAR she did it on purpose so that I would have to clean up the mess! She didn't plan the attack very wekk though because she forgot about the fact she would have to get a bath in the process
She also peed inside my backpack one. She crawled right inside and peed on my books. Nice and costly to replace, I SWEAR that was a strategic attack too
I think that even though we have busy lives, we have to make time for them. After all, they are our babies!
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My cat Jada is peeing on the bed, she does it like clockwork. ONLY at 5-6 a.m. when my husband and I are both in bed. She goes at our knees. She has done this for the past week, I have cleaned the bed, cleaned the litterbox, and she continues to do it, and waits around til we notice it. Help, as I am ready to take her to the humane society.
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indystar..Is your cat fixed?? If so, have you taken her to the vet to rule out any medical issues?? I would also suggest you visit these sites for more suggestions.






Please try to work with your cat's issue. Another place you can post is here:


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Yes she is fixed and declawed(she came that way to us)I haven't taken her to the vet yet. I locked her out of the room last night, and didn't find a mess anywhere this morning. I am thinking more a stress thing as my 3 year old has been handling her a lot lately, and she has been hiding in his closet... She has always stayed in my room, and came out whenever the kids were not around, but now she has started to stay in the living room in the windows. We have only had her since Sept. and was informed that she was a college kitty, and been locked in closets during parties, and would take time to get used to children. She has always been more my cat than anyone elses, but even now she is more reserved, and I fear that she is having trouble adjusting to a new location and weather,(we moved from Indiana to Florida back at the first of April) plus she now has fleas that we are trying to control. She has gotten them from off of us, as she is an indoor only kitty.My neighbor was a vet assistant and she said if there is no odor, and she is only peeing on the bed at a particular time, that it is more than likely a behavior issue, and not a medical one.I will keep you updated, as I do plan on taking her to the vet within the next few days(payday is then, not that I don't love her,just have to have the money first)
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indystar....I know this is going to sound a bit "odd" but can you take the sheet that she is peeing in..cut off the bit that she has peed on and put it in the bottom of an empty litterbox to see if she is responding to the fact that she has peed there before. If she is fine and has no accidents while being kept out of your bedroom..it may be a case just to keep her out of your bedroom. Stress is probably a major factor and you may want to buy a Feliway plug in or spray as that has helped many cats who are feeling stressed. Perhaps you can ask your 3 year old to give kitty a break for right now since she is probably really stressed. Hopefully Hissy will be along and can give you some other suggestions. I'm glad you are committed to trying to help this cat.

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indystarr... I suspect your cat is very stressed out being with a 3 year old with no claws to protect herself with, having just moved, and having fleas. My suggestions would be to work with the 3 year old teaching him/her to be gentle with the kitty and to approach the kitty so she doesn't feel threatened in any way. Spend special time with your cat in the place where she feels most comfortable which sounds like it might be in the window. Make sure she knows you still love her and that you understand that she's stressed and that things are going to be ok. And don't try to discipline your cat as she'll start to think of you as a threat and that will just make things worse.
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