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I know that my cats are smart but, at least one of them has attained new heights.

This morning, I found a pair of my underpants, in Pearl's crate. It is obvious, to me, that one of these crafty felines extracted them from my basket of dirty laundry and carefully placed them, for me to discover. Somebody was trying to set up Pearl.

Of course, their logic does not extend to the fact that Pearl has absolutely NO access, to our bedroom. Unless I catch someone, in the act, it is impossible to tell WHICH of them is responsible. Rowdy is the smartest and most devilish, of the cats but, she likes the dogs. Opie and Buddy actively loathe Ike and Pearl but, to my knowledge, Buddy was snuggled in bed with me, all night long (actually, he is still there). I have never known Opie to dig into a basket of laundry.

Oh well, I now have one more entry, in my collection of funny cat stories.