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She bit me!

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This is just me venting a little about my problem kitty, don't read if you don't want to hear a slight rant.

Urgh! Just when I think Lily is making progress.... she bites me!

So I was sitting in the magic computer chair yesterday (the only chair in the house that Lily will jump up into my lap on) and as always, she jumped up on my lap and wanted attention. Lately, she's been doing this all the time (only in that chair) and she'll usually stand awkardly on my lap for about 5 to 7 minutes while I pet her head and back. Well this time I pet her for about a minute and she BIT ME! The little brat.

My boyfriend wont touch her anymore, he's scared of her. She's only a tiny little 7 lb girl, she's not at all scary. But he's tired of getting bit and well, he's a wimp! I have learned most of her signs and have avoided being bit for a while now... but yesterday she just bit me for no good reason at all. I didn't touch anything out of the ordinary, I didn't get near her tummy, I didn't try to pick her up....and I was petting her because she jumped up on my lap and "asked" me to.

I guess everyone is allowed a relaps every now and then. But she better not keep it up!
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What do you do when she bite you ?

I had some cats that also were biters and had to teach not to bite . What I do is after the bite I say very laud ouch and then I withdraw my hand and the cat will get no more attention from me . The cats learn very quick when doing so that they will be ignored and learn ( some need longer ) not to bite any more if they want attention .
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What do you do when she bit you?
Exactly what you said: I yelled OW! and jerked my hand away. She jumped off my lap and ran away. I tried to completely ignor her for a while thereafter to let her know I was mad at her, but I doubt she caught on. I don't know if cats have that mental capacity.
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Some cats are just that way, they want attention and to be petted, but the petting gets to be more than they can handle and over-excites them, so they bite. Try this: Each time you pet Lilly, only pet her a couple of times, and be sure to stop petting her before she bites you. Then gradually increase the amount of petting you give her at any one time according to how much she can handle without getting too excited.

I use PurrfectCatlove's method of saying ouch if my cat Snowball grabs me with his claws out, and it does work.
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Sounds like great advice! Thanks. I've read that a few times on this site before, I will try it. this is the first time she's ever bit me like this.... It used to be things like rubbing her stomach (makes her play bite) or picking her up (makes her MAD!).... this was so odd! She jumps up on my lap like this all the time (in that chair). Who knows, maybe it was just a freak one time event. (Let's hope!)

Lorie, I like your location line "I don't like winter so why do I live here?????" hehehe I just moved from cold and snowy Boston to warm and sunny Tennessee for just that reason!
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Please click here to read a thread that has lots of great advice on how to stop kitty aggression.
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