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My bother, a molecular biologist and my father a pathogist, are going tomorrow to a Symposium, hosted by Stanford University, (my father got his M.D. from Stanford) on genetics. Since my brother knows the man giving the symposium I asked him to talking to him about the DNA testing on the Shroud of Turin. Lets see what happens.

I will also be talking to a Priest, the one who instructed me in confirmation May. I am currently trying to get an annulment from the Chruch. I am having problems, which is strange considering I have an Annulment from the State of California. I also know something about a Pediphile Priest who is now defrocked. I saw something, but I did know at the time what it meant. The Church wants to hard ball with me, I'll play hard ball back. This Priest knows are family and he knows we don't back down. I think I might be able to get some answers.

Just because we don't have the techniques in Science right now, doesn't mean that we won't get them. And just because the Chruch says no right now doesn't mean that they won't agree later on. You just keep plugging away. Luke 11:5-13. That is what Jesus said, be persistant.