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Ticked Off!!

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Some of you may remeber the "stray cat" i was going to take in but it turned out he's not a stray. I found out today that this cat sits at peoples windows and meows to be let in. Now this is what i'm really mad about....at dh work they have a real issue with some momma cats getting preggo,well turns out this cat is over at dh work ALL the time!! I know he's not fixed so i imagine he's making alot of those kittens. His owner can rarely even catch him to bring him inside. The thing is why not trap him and get him fixed?? I can't say anything to this woman or she'll flip so i don't know what to do.
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Well....neuters are a lot easier to "hide" than spays.


BTW...not sure where you live but there may be a rabies vaccination law that you could follow up on...if the cat is roaming and has not been updated on it's rabies shot...that could be an issue and something you could use to leverage taking him to the vet.
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I agree with Katie. A neglectful owner will never know that her male has been neutered.
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What a lovely lot you are. Go get him Danielle!! Good Luck.
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Danielle - I say go for it! It's healthier for the cat, it prevents unwanted kittens. But you already know all this! If you're worried about the owner - I seriously doubt they'd even notice (except that perhaps their kitty will get friendlier and stop roaming so much!). And if they did notice - how would they have a clue who did it? I wouldn't worry about any of it, and I'd go for it!
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As someone who *accidently* neuters neighbors cats, they do rarely notice.
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I say go for it. Even if by some remote possibility she found out, she probably wouldn't even care that her cat was neutered. It doesn't sound like she keeps up with him too much anyway. Maybe she just doesn't want to take the responsibility herself to have it done. I will never understand why people can be so dumb when it comes to stuff like that
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When I set my trap I don't care if it's a "stray" "feral" or "owned" it gets spayed/neutered. I figure if it's outside it has the capability of creating kittens so I'LL take care of it since the "owners" didn't. Even if the notice (especially with the females) I don't really care. Come to think of it...If the cat is friendly I would still try to adopt it out.
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If it eats at my feeding station, it gets spayed/neutered. No questions asked.
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