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I vote for 3
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Lola is almost a week past her anticipated due date and the kittens have yet to appear. I've been impatiently looking for any sign of labor and I've found none. She hangs out in the nursery all day napping, eating, cleaning and wondering why I keep walking up and staring at her. To burn time while I'm waiting for the babies to be born I've tallied up everyone's votes and put it into chart form for easy viewing. If anyone else would like to take a guess I'd be more than happy to add that to my excel file. The offer stands as well for anyone that wants to change their vote. The longer she grows the higher I think I should make my guess

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I guess 6.. bellies are decieving.. PLEASE HAVE PICS!! I love little kitties!!
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I am going to say 5

Good luck with the birth!! our thoughts are with you
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She's waiting to have them tomorrow on Earth day, which is also the birthday of my babies!
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I'd say 4 maybe? Although I'm no pro!! That's for sure. I think I'll scan some pics of Softie from a few days ago and post them on here as well. I wonder how many you think she'll have? She's MUCH bigger that Lola!! And I can feel 3 if I gently feel her belly. But that's just the side ones...
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Originally Posted by Momofmany
She's waiting to have them tomorrow on Earth day, which is also the birthday of my babies!
I really hope you're right! hehe I can't tolerate this waiting much longer It's like Christmas Eve...the presents are all under the tree, and I can shake the boxes but I can't tell what's inside. Lucky for Lola I am unable to recreate the December in which I unwrapped all of my presents, checked them out, rewrapped them, and returned them to their original location. That Christmas morning was probably the most miserable and disappointing holiday I've ever experienced.

Oh what sweet anticipation!

Here are two updated photos of my girl taken today (4/21/04)

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I'm still sticking with my original vote of 6-8....

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wow she is getting big isnt she

Love your descriptions Heidi on how its feeling with the wait

come on Lola - its time!!!!!
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I am going to guess 5 no experiance but just sounds right to me. She is beautiful.

I hope Elfi doesn't do this long waiting for us.
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I believe I'll go with 5. Can't wait to see picks of the babies!
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Ant babies yet?!!!
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She is so beautiful and I vote 5. Good Luck Lola.
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I change my vote to 4-5! She is getting so big!
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Just catching up with this thread now! The waiting must be agony, Heidi!

I have no experience, but I'll go with my gut -- 5 -- and Lola, darling, hurry up!
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4 kittens
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ooooo.. the wait is almost killing me.....
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Originally Posted by kateang
ooooo.. the wait is almost killing me.....
same here.

We havent heard from Heidi in a few days - hope all is going well
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Can't wait to hear that the babies are here! Boy, you got a lot more replies than me to your "how many" post!
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Hey guys...
Sorry I haven't updated you. I've been upgrading my computer and apparently battling tonsilitis (and I thought I was just being lazy by napping all weekend).

Lola has yet to produce any kittens. I know they're still in there though Their movements have changed from sporadic kicks to blatantly obvious acrobatics. I can't imagine it's very easy for Lola to sleep with them swimming around in there but she seems to be coping.

I've been so paranoid about missing the delivery that I've even been dreaming about it! Wed and Thurs night I had two different dreams in which Lola gave birth to 12 kittens! In one scenario I was only away from her for 10 minutes and when I returned there was a room full of black&white, gray, and orange babies. I hope that doesn't end up being a reality.

You have my word that I will let you know the MINUTE Lola goes into labor (well maybe not the very FIRST minute...I have to snap those pictures yanno ?) It's nice to know I'm not the only person becoming impatient over this wait!!


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I'm sticking with four.. although she is looking big. I hope everythings OK.. Can't wait to hear all about them!
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the newest pictures minus her belly look so much like my Hunter.

She is getting huge!!!
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LOL she is getting HUGE!!! Don't stick a pin in her or she'll pop!
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Well... We beat you!!!! LOL.
Anyway, keep us updated... Come on Lola!
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She can't be much longer now. Hope all goes well.
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Hi Heidi I'm not guessing, I just found myself in the Lounge today and thought I'd chirp in with a sending Lola best wishes! I so hope all goes well. I know she's got a really caring mommy there for her. And in these photos she doesn't look feral at all! She looks so happy in your home. Maybe the lady you tried to adopt her to was just a meanie.

C'mon Lola - tell 'em it's time and BEST WISHES!
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From what I can tell Lola is in stage 1 labor. I believe she passed her mucous plug around 2 am and promptly (and vocally) demanded that I rub her belly while she cleaned herself. Until that point she had shown no real nesting behavior but she suddenly started poking around the nursery trying to find a nice dark spot to give birth. Unfortunately she picked the only upside box in the joint which would have left my beige carpet completely exposed and my boyfriend less than happy Once I turned the box over and lined it with some newspaper she decided she no longer liked it as a result of my upgrades.

Reluctantly she ventured in to one of the boxes I had set up beneath an old Card table drapped with a sheet and a comforter to make it as cave-like as possible. Her little rascals were moving around like crazy in her belly and from the way her back legs tightened I got the impression that she was beginning to feel some real cramps. I ended up laying with her from 2 am til 6:30 this morning but no babies made their appearance so I had to trek to the guest bedroom for a nap (this tonsilitis has me wicked tired all the time). Lola was kind enough to wait for me to awake and when I checked on her just a few moments ago she was back in the nesting box relaxing.

I know I've read that the first stage of labor can last up to 36 hours but I honestly don't think I have the endurance for that right now. Please please please send Lola and the babies some "hurry up" vibes

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Its about time!!!

Sending mega vibes that her labor goes quickly and the kittens are all healthy!Wishing the new momma the best.
Good luck!
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LOL Heidi, she may just wait until you go off to sleep - you know how it is. I can't send hurry up vibes because she will deliver when she's ready but I hope you get to be there for the delivery and that everything goes smoothly. Also, I hope you get better soon from that Tonsillitis.
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C'mon Lola!!!
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