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Need Advice on Clyde Quick!!

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Clyde's underbelly seems to be sore, and I just gave him some hairball medication, but he is not eating all of his food and was eating grass. It appears to be a little distended and very tender to the touch (almost bit me and growls when I touch it). He is currently stretched out on the floor beside me. COuld this just be constipation or should I see the vet first thing tomorrow.

Waiting for sage advice.

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I would have the vet see him ASAP.
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Could be something simple that goes away...but....

Best Wishes

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The vet would be a safe call-

has he vomited? If he has vomited or has loose stools watch him closely for signs of dehyrdration
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Update on Clyde:

No vomiting, no loose stools......

Later last night he and Little Bit were running and playing (after he had a long nap and a litter box trip). This morning at 8:00 am he was up and ready for breakfast as if nothing had happened and was ready to run and play with the tail in the air.

I'll be watching him over the weekend. I think he was just constipated, possibly with a hairball.

Thanks for caring for him and his owner.....

By the way.... Little Bit should be renamed to Lotta Bit..

From 7.13 lbs to 10lbs 3 ozs in 10 wks. On Dr. Fosters Smith food diet now (both of them).

Mike (For Clyde & Little Bit)
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I'm glad Clyde is feeling better. Have you checked the litter box to see what is in there?
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Do monitor him closely..........make sure he is still passing stools.
If he is not, or stops eating altogether,then you need to take him to the vet straight away as he may have a condition which requires immediate medical intervention.
Hopefully, he is on the mend already

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