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private message

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How do I open a private message?
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Ok, you first go the main page of the forums. Then you scroll down. You will find the listing of the members that are online. Below that you will see the Private Message notification that you have new messages. Press on the black words "Private Messages" which are in a yellow bar over that notification.

You will be taken to the Private Messaging system where you will see your messages, similarly to emails. Press on the unread one and you will see it. Its kind of like an email system but between members.

Hope that helps!
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Simply click on Options at the top of the forum here. Once you do you will see the words Private Messages. Click on that and you will be in the PM portion of your account. You have three levels- Inbox- Sent and Message Tracking- Be sure that you keep your PM boxes pretty cleaned out of old messages you don't need anymore. The limit it will hold is 79 total messages. If you have an unread message, you will see it right away. Once the message is read, it is tucked away into your inbox until you delete it.
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Thanks Yoviher and Hissy.
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