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I hope this is not to personal for you. If it is please do not answer. I was wondering if you are starting to dilate yet? I think my doctor is going to see if I am tomorrow.
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They haven't even checked me yet. Which I'm a bit surprised since this is my third. Maybe they will at my next appointment, if I make it that far. Hopefully I won't!
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That is very odd. But you know when my sister in law had her second one the doctor told her the baby will come when he is ready! My doctors have always checked me a month before my due date. I am hoping they check tommrow when I go. I don't know because this is a new doctor than last time. I had a high risk pregnancy last time. When is your next doctor visit?
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My next appointment is Tuesday. They checked with my daughter, I remember not being dilated at my week before appointment. They never had the chance to with my son, he was a week early. Hopefully this one will be too! I did all my nesting in one night. I cleaned everyroom in the house so now I am totally ready. And it would be nice to have the baby before the 2 kids get around to making a mess of my newly cleaned house! I've also been out of work since Saturday so I'm bored!
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I went to the doctor today. They wouldn't check me! They said 38 weeks is when they start to check. However she did say that I can be induced on September 21 or 24. It is not set up yet. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday.

Was your daughter your first? I have been dilated a month before with every baby. I hope you go soon. I know the feeling of kids messing up the house.
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Too late. They messed up my living room the minute they got home from school!
My daughter was the first. She was born the day after my due date, my son was 8 days before. I'm thankful for that, he was due on Christmas Eve.

I think for me it would be harder knowing I was dilated a month before. Then I would want the baby to hurry up even more than I already do!
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Just curios, is that a regular vaginal exam or do they use an ultra sound? I know that when I was in hospital with the bleeding they wanted to know if my cervix was dialated to see if I was having a miscarriage and they could see that it wasn't on the ultrasound (they didn't want to risk a vaginal exam at the time).
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At this time it would be just a regular exam. I never realized they could check for dilation through ultrasound. That's good though that they didn't want to risk it. How have you been lately, Anne? Are you still on bed rest? How far along are you now?
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I'm out of bed thank God! But I am supposed to take it easy and avoid any physical strain. So I make sure I get my afternoon nap everyday and generally take it easy.

I'm now in week 18... still a long way to go! I have been feeling the babies for the past 2 weeks, though I wasn't supposed to as it's my first. I think that being in bed and bored at the time made me more sensitive to the movements. I can actually feel him turning about right now
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Isn't it neat to first feel the baby move? Even with this one being my third, it was still so thrilling to feel him. Now I just want to feel him for real! And see him. 18 weeks seems now like a long way to go, but you're almost halfway there! It'll start to seem to go by fast for awhile. I couldn't believe how fast it seemed to go for me, until I hit about 32 weeks. Then of course it got real hot so it seemed even longer!
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