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crying at night

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Jimmy, my almost 3 year old, cries every night... approximately 2-4 a.m. he starts. and it's not really crying. it's wailing... and it gets louder and louder and louder. i swear i've tried it all... i've ignored him (he's cried for 5 hours straight before), i've sprayed him with water (he could care less), i've tried playing with him before i go to bed so he has some attention to get him through the night... nothing works. i end up locking him in the bathroom, where he doesn't cry anymore (go figure). i don't like locking him in there because that is where the litter box is, and then my other cat can't get into the litter box and i don't want to lock the other cat into the bathroom because he didn't do anything wrong.
any advice?

mom of Rod and Jimmy
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If he is quiet in the bathroom, then let him stay there at night. Make him a comfortable bed throw in some toys for him, invest in another litter pan for your other cat and let him have his solitude.

Has he been to the vet recently just to be checked out?
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You don'tsay if the cats are allowed to sleep with you? does he just want Mum?

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He's neutered right?
If he starts to cry at a consistant time, perhaps you might set your alarm one night to wake you up maybe an hour before he starts his crying and observe him....
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The problem is I have no where else to put another litter box... I like that idea, but it's impossible. I live in a tiny condo.
Yes, he's neutered, and no, it doesn't happen at the same time every night. I've recently been trying things like leaving soft music on, or a night light. nothing helps. it's not just crying, it's wailing...
and yes, they are allowed to "sleep with mom." i encourage it, until the crying is more than i can take!
my vet said it was behavioral and to ignore it. yup, he's been checked out. nothing abnormal. but, i can't ignore it! he'll cry forever!

mom to rod and jimmy
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Everyone thinks I am joking when I say this...but I am serious. Go get some ear plugs! They work wonders when you are training a cat not to cry. Ear plugs not only allow you to sleep through the night but also keep you from accidentally reinforcing the crying by paying attention when he is making noise.
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This is scary, but true... i have ear plugs, i have worn them. they dont help. i've tried more than one kind... i still hear jimmy crying. he is behind a closed door and that is how loud he is ... i have to be able to hear my alarm clock go off in the morning... so i can't get 100% ear plugs...but the ones i've tried haven't helped. i'm totally perplexed about what to do!
mom of rod and jimmy
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Erinn you are likely going to have to invest some time and or money into getting your cat's problems fixed. You can access cat behaviorists online, there are some websites where you can actually call in and talk to someone at minimal charge. It could be that you need to set up another litter pan- two cats and one litter pan doesn't actually work. And although you say you have a tiny condo, there is always a place to stick a litter pan. You have two cats with behavoiral problems or nutritional problems and you will need to find a way to correct them. Investing a little bit of money now, versus a lot of money later is sometimes what it boils down to.

If you go to meowhoo.com and check out under Cat Behavior and Training aids you are likely to find someone to help you with your cats. It could be anything from boredom, to not enough room for two cats, to litter pan angst to???? Someone who can come to you and see your living environment is more adept at solving these problems for you.

Good Luck
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Erin..it may make sense for you to place both cats in the bathroom overnight...that way they have each other and they have the litter box. Put a couple of comfy beds in their with some toys and see how it goes. My male is very vocal but THANK GOODNESS he doesn't start until around 6 AM...then I simply let him out of my room.

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