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Cats Fighting, Worried !!!!!

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I have 2 male cats, one 7 one 3 years old, the 7 yr old has been neutered, the 3 yr old has not. both have their claws, and are strickly indoors cats. both have their claws. both have lived in the same house since they were kittens. & both have gotten along great, UNTIL YESTERDAY, all of a sudden, they start growling & hissing & attacking at each other, and haven't stoped. How come all of a sudden this is happening? it is getting annoying, they fight all night & keep the whole house up. I'm worried, Is something wrong? what can I do?
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Chances are pretty good that your unneutered male is catching the pheremones in the air about this time of year and responding to them. It would help a great deal to get him neutered even at 3 years old.

You should put them in separate quarters for now, and before letting them back into each others company, place some vanilla extract under their chin, between their shoulders and on the base of the their tails. This should be done at least 3 times a day.

If they are still fighting, explore the possibility that the one getting pounced on might be coming down ill (cats smell differently when they are sick) and though you might not have noticed, another cat will notice right away.

Investing in a Comfort Zone Room Diffuser by Farnum Pet will also help, but honestly the best preventative is to get your male neutered.
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There is also,I suspect, an "alpha cat" situation which has arisen suddenly now because your youngest boy has reached his prime and needs to assert his dominance over the territory and the older cat.
Unless the oder boy is prepared to roll over and allow the younger to take "top spot" then the fighting will continue, and all aids to calming the situation will just ease the problem rather than solving it.

If you are not actually a breeder using him for stud, then I would very seriously consider having the cat neutered. It will take a little while for the hormones to run through before things settle, but you will then have a pair of equally soppy boys who don'tfeel the need to fight for supremacy.

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I agree with the others. Neutering your three year old will likely stop the problem. Remember that it takes about three weeks after the neutering for the testosterone to be cleared from the body, so you will need to keep them separated for about three weeks to keep them both safe.

Spring fever can be tough on unneutered males!
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I also agree with every one here , neuter is # 1 right now . I don't know if he has started to spray already or not , but be sure he will . Please neuter him asap , it also will take the stress from him away .
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