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Still there

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This week one of my favorite cats at the shelter got a home she's been there since before I started volunteering a little over a year ago. Thinking about it I realized that there are now 4 cats that were there when I started. Unfortunately three of these were feral & are still very shy and the other is on a mood stabilizer due to brain damage that occurred when she died during her 4 paw declaw (& my family wonders why I won't have my boys declawed). I'm throwing in 1 extra cat that was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I'm posting these name here & hoping that someone will see a cat they can help find a good home for.
Please check them out at www.happyend.petfinder.com & click on the "our pet List"

Angie's Find them a home list:

Dottie & Megan; a sweet & shy pair of girls that need to be placed together
Mickey D; a very handsome & shy guy in need of a loving understanding home
Cleo; a spunky lady who needs someone willing to give her a little extra TLC
Sparky; a sweet, out going talker who needs someone able to care of his recently diagnosed diabetes

I'll try & keep you all updated as homes are found for these wonderful cats. Please if you know someone who may be able to help respond here or pm me.
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its so sad when animals have to spend such a long time in a shelter. I hope these sweet kitties get homes soon.
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OMG , it always break my heart seeing them all there with out a real home
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I do hope that our efforts to aggressively spay and neuter will improve the chances for cats to find homes. We had a similiar situation...there was a cat in a foster home for almost a year...but she finally found the perfect home. We've had that happen with dogs too so I never give up that the perfect person for each cat is out there.

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I'm with you. This past year we did have a couple of cats that had been with us for years go to a really good home. That's why we are no-kill. We believe the right home is out there it's just a matter of finding it.
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