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Update on Rascha

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It hasn't been the case that "no news is good news"; it's just that I find this all so depressing that I don't want to dwell on it. Rascha is in Belgium receiving medical treatment. She was released from the hospital that originally treated her last week, but is still getting physical therapy and antibiotics. She was hoping to be back here in Germany by the time school starts up on April 19, following the Easter break, but that is not to be. Her supposedly last doctor's appointment in Brussels is on April 23, so she's stuck there at least another two weeks. She is staying at her in-laws' house, not her husband's apartment. Her uncle from Lebanon is there right now, too (which is why she has been permitted to call me). If she doesn't complete the course of therapy, the health insurance company won't pay. Since she's no longer covered by her father's health plan, but by her husband's, the therapy has to take place in Belgium.
Her uncle obviously cares enough about her to have made the trip, but the "solution" he has worked out with her husband, his family, and the imam is not in Rascha's best interests, as far as I'm concerned. Hassan is being given one more chance. If he assaults her again, Rascha can have a "unilateral" divorce, i.e., without her husband's or the families' permission. She says that she pointed out that one more assault could be fatal, but everybody, including her parents, "pooh-poohed" that (he's "contrite", she has to learn not to "sass" him ) and told her that this was the best solution.
Why on earth haven't legislators given the police and courts the powers needed to put a stop to these arranged marriages, and to rigorously intervene in domestic abuse cases? I get so upset when certain politicians blather about "respecting age-old traditions" and "protecting the sanctity of marriage"!!! I think some of them are just worried that the victims might end up on welfare.
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Oh noooo this is so sad .
I was following the other thread about her and was waiting on a up date . You are so right , that is very depressing that the poor girl has to go back to her abuser and maybe get killed the next time .
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That's so sad. It sounds like her uncle is trying to please all parties, and apparently has done so. At least there is the option for her if/when it happens again. We can all hope and pray that next time isn't as bad.
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Ok... it is not the best news possible, but at least its something, for knowing the parent's initial reaction, it could have worked out worse. This is depressing, plain depressing. Just thinking that it may be fatal gets me the chest in a knot.

I shall confess that I have been having bad dreams about it several times, so I was seriously considering asking you if there had been any update on the situation.
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