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NHL Playoffs!

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Ok, so who is watching the games, and who do you want to win???

We are rooting for the Bruins mainly, but also the Sharks just out of loyalty to where we live.

My fiance is the true hockey fan and player, but I've gotten to where I really enjoy watching and going to the games as often as I can.
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Go Avs!!!

The Avs won the first game of the series against Dallas last night, and looked good doing it! I really had my doubts with how they have played the last few weeks. They definitely have the talent to go all the way, I just hope they have the gumption.
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My Moms Freaking about it! She wants Toronto to win!
I can hear her from downstairs!
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Let's Go Lightning!

Saw them vs. NJ a week ago. Looking good!
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I'm with Heidi on this one........... GO AV'S!!!!!! Been a Hockey fan since before We got NHL here in Colorado, But the fact that we got it just made me more of one! And the Match up between the Av's and the Star's is always a good one! They are my 2 fave teams.
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Lightning over the Islanders last night: 3-0.
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I'm a huge hockey fan and I love my Sens! I'm cheering for all Canadian teams except for Toronto (I really don't like the Leafs...not to mention they're playing the Sens). I don't know who to cheer for in the Vancouver/Calgary series though. I think I'm annoyed with that series because it's for sure sending one Canadian team packing. I like both so, when I watched the first period on Tuesday, I was pretty silent.

Go Habs!
Go.... Canucks or Flames?!
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