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Found blood on the floor

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I came home last night and found a blood stain about the size of a quarter on the carpet. there were some other small drops around it, and about 6 inches from this area there were another few light drops.

I live alone with 2 cats, and i know that the blood was not from me. One cat is male and the other is a female and both are fixed.

the two of them play/fight often, but it always seems harmless and neither has hurt the other before. i have tried to check them both out, but because of all the fur, it is hard to see every inch of their bodies.

is it possible that the female, even though she is fixed, could have had something like a "period" i really do not know how concerned i should be about this. any insight would be great.
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Could also be a UTI (Urinary Track Infection) I would take them both in and have them checked by the Vet! Best to err on the side of safety.
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this must be worrying for you.
Cats do not "bleed" during a cycle in the same way that we do so this is certainly not reason for the blood.
Given the problems you are having checking their skin, it could be a wound butI would expect you to have found matted blood on the fur and an obvious injury, given the amount of blood you say you have found.
This leaves the possibility of a health issue, and as cats do not easily lost this amount of blood then i think you need to find out the cause. If both cats seem as fit as usual, then I guess both will need to be checked
The vet will probably raise his eyebrows at seeing both cats, but your situation makes this understandable and at the end of the day you are paying for his time, so don't let him put you off!

Do let us know how things go.

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