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Spring is sprung

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I just dropped in to let you all know that my coloney survived the awful New England winter we had. I wasn't able to trap my two mama cats and the big black manx ended up haveing a batch of kittens early but I don't think they survived. She was really big...then one day didn't show up and the next day she was skinny. I marked the date on the calendar figuring I would wait 5-6 weeks and go looking but we had 6.5 inches of rain and flooding everywhere. A few days later I noticed she was staying on my deck most of the day and now the males are after her again.

I called several places to see if I could get somebody to help me trap them but I had no luck.

BTW my bottle feed baby from last August is doing great. She is so loveable. Samathia "Sammy" has the shinny black coat of her mother but she has the tail unlike her mother. She has gotten so big...hard to realize she is the same little kitten I started on the bottle at just a few days old.

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Hi Brenda

Sorry about the kittens, but that happens when they are left in the outside world.

Perhaps you can find an organization to help you here?

Feral Rescue Groups
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Members have had wonderful experiences with the groups that Hissy gave you the link to. And, if all else fails, you can borrow a trap from your local shelter and trap her yourself.

I'm glad the baby is doing well and that the momma cat survived the winter.
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