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Question about cat eye condition

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Hi all, I am new here.
I am looking to adopt an adult cat from a no-kill animal shelter that I volunteer at. One of the cats in consideration has what I was told was called "chronic eye".

I was told that this was not a virus, or infection. The cat has red, puffy eye tissue around her eyes, and lots of tearing. (Looks a lot like allergies or flu symptom eyes) I am told it does not hurt her, and she will have this all her life.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me about this condition, and is this serious? I have tried looking it up on the internet, but am having trouble finding any source of info.

Thanks very much.
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I'm glad you are considering this baby. The eye problem is no big deal as long as you can keep an eye on it (no punn intended). If it gets serious enough that you think it needs vet care, then I say to take it to the vet. I have a cat that has asthma and as long as I know what it is, I know how to treat it. I also have a cat with a clogged sinus passage but it doesn't make my cat any worse. I just clean around his nose when it's a bad day. Please really consider it as I'm sure he'll bring you lots of love. You can also probably put him on eye drops you buy in the store for sensitive eyes if it gets read. Hope this helps.

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Thank you Frannie.

I am going back to see this little darling on Sunday. She is actually an adult, 4-6 years old. No one wants to adopt her because she does not look "perfect". I think that is horrible. I think she is beautiful.
I am considering several cats for adoption, (I am only taking one). But I wanted to find out about this eye condition.

Thanks again.
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Val; First of all, thank you for considering this cat. We know you are a "special person" for volunteering your time at the shelter. Not all cats are picture post card material, but they can all give "Cover Girl Quality" love.

I want to welcome you to TCS.

Please come back often and let us know if things work out for you to adopt this cat.

TLK and her 6 =^.".^= 's
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Please come back often and let us know if things work out for you to adopt this cat.

Thank you TLK

I will keep you posted, and post a picture of the kitty I adopt.
If any of you are interested in this no-kill shelter, here is the link to their website. They do a wonderful job of keeping the cats cage free, and trying to adopt them out.


Thank you for the welcome.
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Is she the flat-faced Persian type by any chance? That could explain the eye probblem, Or it could be something she was left with following an infection or an eye injury.

Also, I know that the stress of shelter life can aggravate all sorts of minor problems, so it's possible that she will get better once in a loving home.

I'm so glad you are considering her! Thank you!
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"Is she the flat-faced Persian type by any chance? That could explain the eye probblem, Or it could be something she was left with following an infection or an eye injury."

No, she is not a persian. She is sort of a regular tabby. (I am getting used to the breed types, ::laughing: I am also aware that the stresses of a shelter can aggravate any condition. When I go to the FIV and FeLV rooms to see my babies there, I see sniping and growling all the time. When I walk in to visit, I am the property of each cat, and they take full possesion of me, which includes the growling, sniping, and numerous attempts for 6 cats to get into my lap.

There is no room for their own territory, in any of the rooms devoted to the kitties, (they have 7) and I know that a loving home is the place for all kitties.

Thanks for the advice.
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I dont know anything about this eye condition. I just want to welcome you and to say that its wonderfull that you are thinking of adopting this cat that has been overlooked by so many. It takes a sensitive and caring person to see past outer appearances and look at whats inside. All the best
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Val - tomorrow is Sunday!!!!!!!!!
Visiting day for your adopotive baby?
Please let us know how it goes tomorrow!
Deb M
PS - All cats are puuurrrrrfect.........meow to you!
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Debra, :LOL:

Yes I will let you all know how it turned out.

I am so excited, but also nervous. I have been religiously reading about the care of cats, and never owning a pet before, I am beginging to become neurotic about them chewing up my wires, scratching through my window screens, tearing my house to shreads, and jumping on my chest while I am sound asleep!! :LOL::LOL:
But I will survive, I will adopt my very first kitty, and I will continue my visits to my other kitties in the shelter.

I will be strong!! <<<puffing out chest, beating chest,....cough.....gasp....>> :paranoid3

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It is always hard to choose...this is why I have 11 at present
With the eye question, if you take this one, I would have the vet test for the herpes virus and then maybe look into an allergy problem. The herpes is the most common reason though.
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Can the herpes virus be transmitted to humans from cats?

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No, not at all. The only thing you would really concern yourself with is other cats. Now, older cats who have been vaccinated over time are much more resistant to it. It is also something that might come and go. One of the things that tend to bring it on are stressful situations or real poor living conditions.
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Yes Sandie,

I have just been looking up Feline Herpes on the web. From what I read, it sounds like the kitty I was asking about may very well have it. Also some others in the shelter, based on other symptoms. 85-90% of cats have herpes! That is shocking. I understand that not all manifest symptoms, and the ones who do, have episodes. A great deal of them are aggravated by stress. Maybe this kitty being in a shelter is aggravating the situation.

Well, thanks for the tip. I would not have known....
Poor kitty

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I am glad you learned something new. Yes, it is very sad. A lot of shelter cats and cats that have been outdoors roaming are at high risk. Most of these cats have poor immune systems and of course have never been vaccinated. Herepes is not the end of the world for a cat, but is very aggrivating. Usually though, strays that go to good homes improve with time and a little care. I wish you great luck with your visit!!
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Okay, one more question....

If, ...IF the cat I adopt has herpes, I know it is transferable between cats, but can I take it with me to someone elses house on my clothes and give it to THEIR cats? I have already had several friends and family express concern about being around me and my husband if I get an FIV cat. So that ruled that out, cause I would never see these people again. :: I wish to know how transportable an illness this is before I get involved with a kitty that may or may not cause concern and fear in others, but I need to know the facts.

Sigh.....How sad.

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Okay, don't get too concerned just yet. FIV is not transferable to humans and can only be transmitted from one cat to another by saliva,blood, or sex. FELV is transmitted the same way but is a virus. It lives in the enviroment but only for minutes before it's destroyed by warm dry air. When you have a cat that carries lets say the herpes virus, you would wash your hands before you come into contact with any cats. Now, like I said before with the herpes. You can get it to go away and it would only be contagious with an active case of it. With any of the other upper respitory problems, most adult cats that have been vaccinated with the feline3 or 4 are immune to these things. You will mostly see very young kittens affected by it. One of my vets adopted an FIV positive cat not too long ago. The woman who had him was going to euthanize him. He has 2 other cats in his house, but these guys do not get physical with each other. The likleyhood of his 2 cats getting it are slim to none. If you plan to have one cat or just a few, there's not a whole lot to panic about.
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Yes. I am absolutely aware of the facts of how FIV and FeLV cannot be transmitted to humans. Still, friends who own cats told me they would still be uncomfortable if I owned one and came to visit, or if they came to see me. They know it is not transferable that way, cause our cats would never come in contact, but there is the fear factor anyway, and people get protective about their pets, like children. I know I will

Anyway, I was curious about the herpes being transmitted through clothing, cause I will have the same problem. The shelter may not be totally honest with me, and by the time I get it to a vet, and find out my friends and family never want to be near me again, I would have to return the cat, and that would traumatize the cat, and break my heart...sigh..... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

Well, I don't even know if the cat I was looking at HAS herpes, I suppose there are other eye conditions that can cause the red puffy eyes, but it sure sounds like she has it. But I am also considering some other cats there. If I definately want her, I will have to make the go round and ask everyone if they will be comfortable with my owning a herpes cat or not....

I am bringing my husband there this morning so he can see how he interacts with these kitties, and what he thinks.

Thanks for the advice....

Val the perplexed :confused2

OOOOH decisions, decisions.......
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Hmmmmmm, of course this is totally your decision and you should do what you feel comfortable with. 95% of viruses can be cured with treatment and a good enviroment. I had 2 sick kittens 2 years ago, they had ringworm,upper respitory infections and a chronic virus that could not be pinned. A year of love and medical care they are 2 of the healthiest cats I have ever seen. As far as germs being passed from one household to another....there are such things as well germs. ANY healthy cat can contract a cold or something similar from another cat just because the enviroment is different. My house does not have the same immunity to the same things as another cat house. Anytime you go visit a house with cats and come home to your cats, you should wash your hands and if you were holding them quite a bit, you should change your cloths. I like to call us a group, but there's 4 of us here that have 11,17,25 and 6 cats. We have never had a problem with bringing things to others houses. We all go to each others houses and love everyone's cats. It is very rare to find a cat that has been in a shelter,rescue,pound our humane society that has not been exposed to the viruses that cats get. Some of these things, the cat can be a carrier but show no signs. You would never know unless they decided to have an active case or they infected another cat.
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