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when i went to florida for two weaks, we had a sitter take care of our cats. when one day she called us to tell us that our fish, tender vittls, died. we asked how and she said that my smallest kitten jump from the chair to the place where the fish was and nocked the tank over, and shredded it up and all of our 6 cats were eating tv.(tv is short for tender vittles). we got home and saw a fihbone on our couch. although it was funny, it was well, funny. I only had that fish for like 4 days and HATED IT.
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LOL that is kind of funny.... It was a living creature but....
I did have a goldfish that I was attached to. He cost me $.25 and lived for 12 years. He was a really cool fish. He could do tricks too, I swear! Then he died I got 2 more goldfish and I hate them, if Dori ate them I would probably laugh too!
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