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Advise for aggressive new cat

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Dear Friends,

Please help!!! I m currently facing a major crisis at home.

2 mths ago, we have rescued a 1 and a half yrs old female burmese mixed cat, which we have been feeding due to some tip-off about culling at that area. She has since stayed with us & my 4 other kitties.

Until now, she still hates my other cats (My 4 other female kitties r 4mths to 11mths of age). She will ambush & attack them until to the extent that they r now all so terrified by her. They will stay away from her path whenever they see her. Few days ago, we discovered that the attack is even more frequent & my cats r so frightened that they actually pee during the process of the attack. So there's urine all around the house n this really puts my hubby off.

But she's totally affectionate towards me & my hubby & will follow us around when we r home. How can we stopped her from attacking? As we r staying in a 4-room flat we don't have much space to isolate them, & moreover the attacks can be so loud specially at night that i m afraid my neighbours will complain. We have tried bathing them with the same shampoo, using Feliway spray to calm down the cats & even giving her more attention since she's the dominating one. But still no results. We really at our wits end trying to solve the problem. & we can't bear to give her up either.

Please advise what i could do. Would appreciate your advise.

Thanks & Regards,
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Sounds like the cats are crowded which is causing territorial disputes. Since you can't add rooms, then you add space, by introducing cat condos, cat shelves, empty out a closet if possible where the cats can hide.

They will be equally aggressive if the urine smell lingers, you need a good enzyme cleaner like Nok-Out or Nature's Miracle to get rid of that.

I would also invest in a Comfort Zone Room diffuser mayber more than one, and start running those right away.

If your cats don't get aggressive on catnip, use catnip toys or honeysuckle toys to redirect their energy.

Put vanilla extract on the cats 3 times a day in three places, under their chins, between their shoulderblades and on the base of your tail.

Don't add any more animals to the household unless you get a bigger place.

If possible make an outdoor enclosure they can escape to and if they aren't spayed or neutered, make arrangements for that as well.

You may even have one ill and not know it, sounds like with the stress level a UTI might be looming-

But two months is not a lot of time for cats to adjust to each other, and if the introductions are done correctly over a period of time, most new cats are introduced to resident cats without a lot of problem. Some depending on their temperment can take new cats being introduced to them right away, others have to adjust to them before proper introductions can be done
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Hi Hissy,

Thanks so much for your advise. May i also know what exactly is a UTI? Is it a type of cat flu? & what r the symptoms?

Thanks again.

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A UTI is a urinary tract infection. These occur often in stressed cats. UTIs will cause peeing outside the litterbox.

I wanted to say thank you for rescuing this cat. I hope that Hissy's suggestions will help her fit in better with the other cats.
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Hi Lotsocats,

Thanks for your reply. Yup, I really hope things will improve soon.

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