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lil Trooper went to the Bridge

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I'm sad to say the baby didn't make it to the vet.

I had to take Cagney and the kittens on the bus, as I don't drive.
I put several soft towels in with them, and its about 80 degrees here today, so they were comfy and safe.

The sick baby passed over on the 15 minute trip to the vet, as when I got into the waiting room and checked, she had given up.
I thought this might happen, but had to try and get her the vet just in case something could be done.

My vet said she could find nothing outwardly wrong with her,that these things sometimes just happen. She said she could do a few tests, but that since the other 4 are flourishing (her words) she saw no reason for the expense.

She offered to "dispose" of the kitten, but like a crazy woman I insisted on bringing her home... a mistake as now I keep looking at the little bundle and crying...now what?

Thank you all for your kind words, I know Trooper was only 5 1/2 days old, but this is so hard!

(I edited this, changing the "it"s to "her"s, I guess I was trying to de-personalize things a little before?)
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Oh Cleo I am so very sorry that Trooper didn't make it but at least he knew love for the short time he was here. You did the best you could for him.

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my thoughts and prayers are with lil' trooper
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Cleo - I'm so sorry to hear the little one didn't make it. But I'm glad to hear the others are flourishing!
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I'm so sorry to hear of the lose of Lil Trooper.
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Cleo...i am so sorry to hear about Trooper. I had just posted in your other thread before I saw this.

I know how you feel. When those two little babies I was bottle feeding just up and died on me after two weeks of loving and caring for them, my heart was broken. I laid their dead bodies in a towel beside the computer, and immediately got on here, to tell my grief and pain to all of my catsite friends.
I kept looking at their bodies, and wishing they would move, and in my heart I knew I needed to go bury them, but I was in denial. So I know how you feel. It does get better though. Just know that she is not suffering anymore, and will always remember your touch, and your love....something that many cats never experience....human love.
It is not your fault, you did your best. My thoughts are with you, hun.
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Cleo I am so sorry!! I will pray for the others health. The vet is right sometimes this sort of thing just happens.
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Cleo, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is. Is it possible that you can get a plastic shoe box and bury him in the backyard or a friend's yard. If you need a shoulder to cry on you know where to come. In the meantime, prayers are being sent for the others.

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Cleo; Like I said to Nena; we seem to be loosing so many sweet pets this month. I hope this will end soon. My love and prayers to you. I hope that the other 4 remain strong. Things will be crowded at the "sunshine side" of The Bridge this week but there will be plenty of playmates for "new arrivals"!
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I'm so sorry the little one didn't make it.
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I am so sorry... but at least he has been loved and cared by you fo the little time that he was here...

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So sorry to hear that Cleo!
As I said in another thread there's no words I can offer to take away the pain. But I'll be thinking about you and sending love your way! It's great to hear that the others are OK.
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Cleo - I too am so very sorry for your loss. Death is never easy on
those left behind. I will pray that you begin to smile again soon.
In the mean time, know that we are all thinking of you and your fur family.
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I am very sorry for the loss of your Trooper. You loved him and did the best you could for him. It must have been very hard to bring him back home but it was the right thing to do. Now you can have some closure and bury him in a special place of your choosing. Again I am very sorry.
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I am so sorry the hear about the little one, at least she had your warmth and love with her when she left for the bridge.
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I am very sorry about Trooper Cleo,I hope you and your cats are alright.

love from Jenna and Felix
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Dear Cleo :angel2:

You're in my thoughts and prayers...I'm terribly sorry about Trooper; remember that she is with many playmates over the bridge and is very happy now...no more illness...we will all meet with them all one day! I keep that thought in mind and it comforts me, I hope it does you.

Love, C.
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I,m really sorry little Trooper did,nt make it,my heart goes out to you,hope all the other kittys are in good health.

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I'm so sorry you lost a baby. However, the other 4 are doing well, so that is good news.

FWIW, when I have lost a kitty and had a place to do it, I put a flowering plant over where my pet was buried. There are some lovely roses and lilies with names that might suit your feelings right now, or maybe you could plant catmint or something else that seems appropriate. It seemed like closure to me, and I felt better afterwards. Plus such a sweet and beautiful reminder of my feline friend.

Anyway, enjoy the others. {hug}
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