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Hey Everyone

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Hello. Although my heart is very heavy I will continue to visit this site because I know Jake is with me in my heart. In a month I will be getting a new companion. In the meantime, I like to come here to hear everyones adventures. I have been gone for a month from school. I am back. I now have a job working at 7-11. I have a question. Do you guys think that I could get a job working at a vet clinic in the office or at the front desk? I haven't gone to vet school because I don't have the money. Maybe I could learn while I work. I think I've asked this question before. I just want to be reminded. My birthday is coming up, but I will be working. I will like to ask anyone about dogs as well as cats. I decided not to get a rottie. But I can't chose between a dobermann pinscher or a golden retreiver. I have been doing research on the golden retreiver, I just need to buy a book about pinschers. Would you guys recommend it? I've met plenty who are very sweet. I never heard of one attacking children or anyone. Not like I've heard of rotties and pitbulls. I am not buying a dog yet. When I have my house, then I want to save money for food, vet, and training.
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Nena....a friend of mine wanted to work in a vets office....she also had a full time job, but went in and volunteered her services for free to the vet clinic,(to do in her free time) even though she had no experience.... They were so impressed with her love for animals, that they told her they would PAY her!!! You should try it! Just volunteer, for free, without quitting your 7-11 job, just volunteer to help on your off hours, and then see how that works out, and maybe they will offer you a paying job, after a bit!!
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Nena - I too have young children, and I would not get a Doberman (unless of course you get one from an EXCELLENT breeder). The problem is that these dogs have been bred for working, usually police work, and this requires them to be a bit more aggressive than the average dog, and of course, much more aggressive than a well bred Golden. If you were to get a Doberman, you would definitely have to invest in very good training and work with this dog all the time, as they are very intelligent and need to have a purpose in life.

Now Goldens, on the other hand, are bred to be retrievers. This means that a well bred Golden will be gentle-mouthed and will want to retrieve all the time. I have a neighbor that has a Golden, and he is absolutely the sweetest dog. Of course, since these are large dogs, they also need to have obedience training. Also, Goldens are prone to hip dysplasia, which can get expensive. If you choose one of these dogs, make sure to get one from a good breeder and make sure it's certified not to have hip dysplasia.

Another breed you may want to look into is a Labrador Retriever. I have a black lab, and she is just the most wonderful dog. She's great with the kids, but also is a good watch dog. She barks when anyone is fooling around on the other side of the fence. However, she's not a guard dog, since I don't think she would ever bite anyone. Of course, this is another dog that needs obedience training, as they are high energy and quite large. Also, labs are prone to hip dysplasia, so make sure to get one from a good breeder.

Of course, you can always just go to the pound and see what they have there. All these dogs need great homes, and their future isn't too bright. Actually, I got my lab at the pound since someone was insane enough to leave her there.
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I am sorry to hear about your loss. In fact I am sorry to have come here and see that so many people have lost a beloved cat in the short time I was gone. My heart goes out to all of you.

Nena, one of the requirements for going to vet school (at least for UC Davis which is the one I am looking into) is to have so many house working alongside a veternarian. I would choose a job that would get you up close with the animals and to see what the vet is doing.

As for dogs, look into Boxers. They are such cool dogs. Very loving and friendly, and patient with children. I always thought boxers were "mean" dogs until we found a starved boxer pup ("Moby") and took her in. I did a lot of research on the breed when we first got her to see what personailties boxers have and I was pleased to see photo after photo of boxers lying around with cats. Then being around Moby, and seeing how she interacted with children and with other people made me a die-hard boxer fan. They are pretty hyper as puppies, though and it's recommended they get lots of exercise (2 walks a day). But then again, I believe Dobermans and Goldens need lots of exercise also. And boxers are so cute with "natural" (uncropped) ears.
If you'd like some links to boxer websites just let me know.
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Dear Nena

Hi there, I was reading your post and I'm very sorry to hear of your loss; I do relate, my kittie was in my life for eighteen years...it's tough, but he is with God now. I know that he's happy.

I got a new pup about two months ago. She's a lab and she's the smartest puppy I've ever seen. She fetches, sits, lays down and even brings the paper in! Just an incredible dog. I am a bit frustrated with housebreaking though! UGH...Not to mention, she's very hyper and would love to play with the cats. They hate her!

Dawn had gotten hers from the pound, this pup was fortunate I came by that day at the grocery store where the guy was giving them away or she was on the way to the pound as well...People are so cruel...the dogs at the pound are some of the best dogs available. I'd go by the pound I'm sure you'll find a beautiful dog for yourself

Have you noticed that some people actually resemble thier dogs? Check this out. :laughing2

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Catarina...I always get such a kick out of your attachments! Too funny! :laughing:
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:laughing2 I haven't been uploading my pics from my computer for a while now. Anne's was having a problem regarding the amount of space pics take up on the site. We need quite a bit since we gab alot! :laughing2...I didn't say that first! :laughing2...Since I know I'm one of the biggest culprits to use attachments, I now just mirror them from the net...it's much easier and I don't have to take up any space on my own computer If I like it...I could always save to disk It's fun to find these pics and when I do, I share them with you...it's so selfish to keep all that laughter to myself! :laughing2

Since you liked that last one so much...here's another
Love, Peace &

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Hi, Nena.

I was sorry to hear about your loss too. They work their way into our hearts so quickly sometimes.

About dogs, I've known a few high-strung dobies. A friend of mine kept two, but I was always afraid to be alone with them. They were very protective of her, which was probably a good thing, but they used give her boyfriends a hard time.

Some neighbors of mine had chocolate Labs that were very fun and happy in a goofy sort of way. They were large enough to intimidate strangers but they were very gentle. They were kennel trained so the people could leave them alone during work hours.

We had a rescued greyhound when I was younger, and I would recommend them. They are very gentle and affectionate. Ours, Actor, had a deer-like quality. He also had a habit of smiling, that is, drawing his lips back from his teeth, which was useful for deterring strangers. Because he used to race, all his happy associations were about people (food, getting out of the cage, training and racing prep, etc.) and he was a good companion. I had to walk him several times a day because his energy level was so high, including a walk to a nearby park so he could race in huge ovals at top speed. I have never yet met a difficult greyhound.

But I think the breed doesn't matter nearly as much as the temperament of the individual dog.
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I have to say I agree with Sunlion when she says its down to the individual dog - not necesarily the breed - I know some breeds are bred to do certain things but I've know loads of Dobermans who are the soppiest most chilled out dogs I've ever known, and I've also known a retriever who was extremely vicious and coulnd't be around any other dogs or small children because it would attack them - the owner had to walk it at about 4:00am and again at about 11.00pm so it wouldn't see any other dogs/children.....of course not all dogs of one particular breed are like this it depends very much on how you train them when they are young - much like a child really.....

But also, just to let you know.....(and I am very byas here..) I LOVE Bernese Mountain dogs!! They are HUGE (the boys are bigger) and they are just sooooooooooo soppy!!! Very big and a tad clumsy but extremely gentle and friendly....don't bark much and don't need huge amounts of excersize......although they do have LOTS of fur....Eh but I love em! (Also Loenburgers are lovely dogs, but they are even bigger......I guess I just love the biggen's!)
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It is very hard to decide on dogs. I've been around dogs most of my life, but I didn't actually own one. The first dog was a cocker spaniel and we had to give it up because it was aggresive towards my stepfather. I heard they are not good with children. Then we had a shephard mix from the shelter. She didn't last long because my mother didn't have enough patience to train her and she developed bad habits. Another dog was an irish setter. I realize that those dogs need a huge yard to run in because they are very restless. We leave him in a room when we go to school/work, he would make a mess and tear everything, so my parents got rid of him. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I mixed to breeds. Like mixing a rottie with a golden retriever(I am not really going to do this, just curious). My uncle had a dog who was a chow and german shephard mix and she came out beautiful. She resembled the shephard with her fur all golden and soft. The only thing chow about her was the purple tongue and her tail curled up a bit. Her personality was great. My idea when I get dogs is to get at least one or two purebreds and two or more mixed. I do a lot of research on a breed. I want a dog that is easy to train and is good with children. Are St. Bernards ok? Doesn't need to much exercise, but is not lazy either. Not stubborn. I like golden retrievers and german shephards. I also like the terrier group or a toy breed. I really like yorkies and pomies(I can't say the full name. They resemble mini chows.). I want to save because since I will be a first time dog owner, I will take him to obedience training for some help. Do you guys recommend a puppy or an adult for my first. I just want to be around dogs and cats the rest of my life. Since Jake, I know how to take care of them. I am thinking of getting one of those cages. I've seen one for dogs. You put a cat litter, the bed, and his food and water in the cage. Then when you leave for work, you put them in the cage so that they can't get out. Would you guys recommend it. Sorry it was very long.
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Just a quick note on the cages.... we had a German Spitz puppy who was VERY destructive when left alone, we got him a cage like that just for when we went out and at nightime, and to be honest, it didn't really do alot of good, he just howled and I mean HOWLED all night, and pooped in it and then rolled in it! (not pleasant to wake up to!).....BUT I do know a few people who do this aswell and the dog LOVES the cage - they see it as their house and you can't get them out! hee hee...

(Hmmm I guess I didn't really help one way or the other here did I!?! Oh well....)

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Nena, I too am very sorry about your loss. You need to give it time although you will never forget your loved one.

As for a dog, I too would go to a good shelter where the people know the dogs and there opt for an adult not a pup. That's how we got our Bambi. She is fairly young and was just 6 months old when we took her but that was enough for her inner self to shine through. She's a mixed breed and the most wonderful dog I have ever met. She's very loving and is super gentle with kids (even toddlers) and with cats. She is also incredibly smart and always wants to please. We didn't have to invest in professional training because she is sooo easy to train. We're too lazy - we stopped at "sit", "come" and "down". But she just learns tricks by herself. My brother in law has trained her to obey to sit and down when he moves his eyes in a certain way! And she can open doors and do all sorts of stuff. She's a wonderful companion for my husband to jog with and is always up for a nice trip in the car. She is so well behaved that it's a joy to take her with us almost anywhere... I guess I could go on and on The point is that as a mixed breed she seems to beat all the purebred dogs I ever knew in intelligence, health and character.
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Dear Nena :daisy:

My puppy...(she's about 5 months now) is incredibly smart. Like Anne said, I do believe that there are some mixed breeds that are waaaaaay more intelligent than purebred dogs. However; I do believe the Labrador is a very smart, gentle, loving dog.

India (my pup) is half lab. She is half German Pointer. That's why I got her for free She can sit, jump, lie down, rollover all on command (I just ask her nicely) :laughing2 She plays fetch, brings in the Paper!! and also jumps for Frisbee and plays very well with other dogs and kids. I'm so proud of her. She is such a beauty too.

I hope you're blessed with a great dog Nena...I think by adopting from the pound is an experience you'll feel very deeply! But, then again, it's your decision. Good Luck Sweets.


PS...My friend and four of her six dogs and one kitty...all from the pound They all possess such beautiful personalities;
each and every one of them!
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Thanks everyone, I guess, I will rescue a dog from the shelter. Breeders can be very expensive and they live far. All I want is a family dog who is easy to train. Do you have opinions on the terriers. I like yorkies. I still like the rotties or a doberman because being a woman who is often alone, I like a dog who can protect me. And I still like the golden retrievers. I watch Animal
Planet's Breed All About It and they give me good information. But getting a mixed breed is like getting alot of breeds in one. I like that. So you think I should get an adult instead of a puppy? I also want to consider the one that fits the weather. It gets up to 100 in summer and in winter it can get down to 0. Thanks for everyone's help. I have been looking into the shelters for a new cat companion. Unfortunately, going in there, I want to take them all home. There is so many to choose from. And sometimes, they don't have alot of them. The Humane Society lets you take the cats out of their cages and get to know them personally. I fell in love with this black cat, but before I could adopt him, someone beat me to it. I absolutely love black cats.
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Please accept my condolences! I'm very sorry to learn Jake has passed away. There is little one can say at a time like this: Just know the hurt and sadness will gradually be balanced by your fond memories of the love you shall always share with Jake.

Now, about this dog thing: I'm glad you're going to go to a shelter! Forgive my ignorance, but I've never quite gotten into the "dog" thing. Mind, I love dogs; but when all people do is talk about bossing them around I wonder why people keep dogs in the first place. Oh, well: I'm just too used to cats, I guess!

In regard to working at a veterinary, you might consider applying for a postion as an "animal caretaker" or "kennel attendent." Be warned, however, that you might be treated like dirt by the doctors, technicians and especially the front-office types (which is where doctors' spouses end up all too often). Of course, there are exceptions; and I was fortunate enough to have worked as an animal caretaker at a veterinary hospital where everyone respected everybody else. But I also worked at a veterinary where that was NOT the case! But such is life; and if you wish entrance to a course of study which requires exposure to animals in a veterinary setting you'd be well advised to opt for the bottom of the totem pole and clean those cages!

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Catarina- Six dogs? Is that a beautiful rottie I see? Tell me if she is doing fine with him/her? And tell me how she manages it. Although I am not thinking of getting a rottie as my first dog, I love them and will get one in the future. I'm still thinking about opening up a rescue for rotties and dobermans one day. I've seen many that are really nice. I heard many times with dogs and cats that they will display dominance both in the females and males. Can this be cured with spaying or neutereing?
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Hi Nena :daisy:

How's it goin'!? You guessed it that is a Rottie, and she's about six years old now. As I stated in my previous post, my friend did get all her dogs from the pound (kitty too ) They all get along just fine. I wish I knew her secret. She has two males; the little fluffy dog and the taco bell dog. :LOL: The others are all female and HUGE. :LOL: She has a rottie, heinz 57, and two lab's. She's just overjoyed with them and it's a real pleasure to visit her home. The dogs are very well mannered and her cat is not even fazed by the them...that's how cool they are...she's trained them very well...

As far as the dominance factor, I've read many informative articles about spaying and nutering. Although it may calm a cat or dog down in it's activity to a degree; I've learned that dominance may be displayed even afterwards. So, it just depends on the cat or the dog. I was quite suprised when I learned of this myself! But, that's the way it goes.

I know that in my own little terror's, spaying and nutering was only a bandaid to dominance...I still had no idea what was going to happen. To be perfectly honest...Job still fights with Opie. Opie is now the dominant cat whereas before...JOB was. As you can see, it gets a bit confusing. This article also stated that there will be a change in hierarchy as well....Okay, right about there is when I pulled most of my hair out. Basically, what I think's gonna happen initially is one of two things...:
1. They will get along afterwards.
2. They won't...... That's when YOU have to come in and
train them...UGH! :LOL: I had it in my head that everything was gonna be hunky dory when I get them nutered...NOPE...I wish it were like that! :LOL:
I hope another member could give you a definate answer, but I'm not so sure there is one Regina.
I admire the fact that you just keep slingin' these questions! That's great, cause no question is stupid...just the one you didn't ask! :LOL: So, keep asking my friend For me, that's the best way to learn

I'm sure there's someone on this site that knows alot more about these things than I do, but since you asked me; I've given you the most honest answers I know

Have no fear! You'll get this figured out yet!
This cat did! :

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