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New To Forum.....

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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to say Hi and give a little info about myself. For you passionate younger woman, alas I'm a geezer. But I'm probably the only older male non-gay groupie that the Crash Test Dummies every had. Alas, there goes the batteries in my walkman, again.

Yes, I love music and cats. Music is love and cats are like fine wine - how I'm unsure, but their just as expensive. Took three ferals to the Vet's the other day, and as I entered I heard the Vet say to his nurse, something about new graphite golfclubs. Oh well, my cats are worth it!

Did I mention that I am a writer. Yes, unbelievably - judging by this disjointed rant - you might say, but its true. On my website I have a dozen or so short stories about cats and kittens, as well as other writings. And I have a new cat novel that is also available there. Also, I just want to say that if you are that one person who has read my new book - don't think that hundreds of emails containing the My-Doom virus will stop me.

So, I want to join this forum because I am hoping that some of you people, my fellow cat-lovers, understand cats. Because I don't, but I don't understand women either, I'm just fascinated.
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Welcome to the site..and by what definition are you labeling "geezer"...because I remember the Crash Test Dummies....crikes...I remember when Izod ruled the world or at least my Jr. High.

Ummm.....understanding cats....yeh....ok....my 2 cats are permanent 2 year olds..it's all about them....24/7 THEM....not me..THEM.

Welcome to the boards.

Katie (a slightly older, although no less passionate female)
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Welcome to the site! This place has tons of information and knowledgeable people to help understand cats, well, as much as we can possibly understand them.

Anyone who cares for a feral colony by themselves know how much spaying and neutering costs, let alone other expenses. Good for you for spaying and neutering these cats, I'm sure they would thank you if they could.
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Hi William,

Welcome! I just had a minute to visit your web site, but I will go back again. I got to read a bit of your sample chapter. It's intriguing sounding. Thank you for mentioning the book! I'm considering adding it to my pile of "to read" books!

Yes, I think music and cats go together well, too. Except for squeaky chamber music (too many violins sounding like birds!), our cats seem to enjoy most of the music we enjoy. Lucky us!

See you 'round the boards!

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welcome to TCS! youll love it here
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welcome to the site i dont think you can ever understand cats lol
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