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Chewing Fetish?

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I'm brand new to this board... and in desperate need of help!! I have two boys, neutered... Rod is 2, Jimmy is almost 3. My problem... Rod. He chews. And he chews. And chews. Shoelaces, carpet, kleenex, puts holes into blankets... anything he can chew, he does!! I've used cayenne pepper, special pet sprays... tried lots of things, although i can't spray my whole house, and none of these things have worked anyway! Any advice? if you need more info, just ask!
mom of Rod and Jimmy
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Here is a website that attempts to shed some light on this puzzling behavior

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The only thing this page let me know is that I need a behavior specialist... i can't afford that! any ideas about what i can do?
mom of rod and jimmy
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Cats don't like citrus, can you perhaps spray citrus scents where he likes to chew? Also, is he frustrated? maybe he needs some new things to keep him busy like a cat condo or something.
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Is your cat simply chewing or is he eating what he chews? If he is actually eating these things, he may have nutritional deficiencies.

If it is simply chewing, it may be due to anxiety. You might try feeding him three or four drops of Rescue Remedy a couple of times each day to help him mellow out. You can buy RR at most health food stores. I mix the drops into about a tablespoon of their favorite canned food when I need to help one of my cats to calm down. Others find that putting the drops into the cat's water is helpful.
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Rod is actually eating, and digesting these items... i try to keep as much away from him as possible but in the past he has eaten many rubber bands (passed through in his poop...yummp!) and now he eats blankets, kleenex, money... i try to keep things away from him, but he is a genious and always finds new things to chew. he is also spoiled beyond words and has several cat condos, too many toys to count, and spents a lot of time with "mom" every day getting fun time. i have no idea what to do! the vet just says he has a chewing fettish, but he really is eating and ingesting these items! i've tried spraying things (citrus-tried it).... nothign works! heck, i've tried chilli powder! nothign helps.
mom of rod and jimmy
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Check your PM's!
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My PM's??
what are those?
rod and jimmy's mom
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PMs are private messages. Look at the top right hand side of the screen and you will see a little box that says Private Messages. Just click on Private Messages and you will find Hissy's message.
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I have to keep shoelaces and thin wires away from Gracie's chewing. Radio Shack has wire covers and I don't keep shoes on the floor. Perhaps you can close off a room; designate as Rod's room and have as little as possible in there + his cat toys. Try putting him there for a little while, or many hours. Experiment with it for him to calm down. Besides rescue remedy, if you go to a natural pet food store, it probably will have more extensive remedies; the staff usually is very knowledgable.
If none of that works, I'd locate a homeopath that works with cats.
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