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my cat went crazy

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My cat went crazy and attacked my boyfriend. We just moved in a new apartment. We have lived here for two weeks. Last night he was sitting in the window watching another cat. My boyfriend walked by and startled him by accident. Henri, the cat, freaked out. He never calmed down. It was the worst scratching, hissing, moaning, growling I have ever heard in my life. He frightened us so bad we left the apartment for the night.
He now afraid of my boyfriend. He hisses and freaks out at him when he sees him. I took him to the vet and they believe that he has a bladder infection.
How do I bring Henri home without have a repeat of this freak out sessions?? How do I get Henri to once again trust my boyfriend.
I am worried my cat will not recover from this stress!
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Your cat has had to make many adjustments. He is in a new place with new smells, new sounds, and that will stress out any cat. When cats get stressed they usually block which causes bladder infections (as you found out when you took him to the vet) Good call by the way-

It would be to your benefit to try one or all the following ideas

Invest in flower essences. You can visit the following website and fill out an online form and they will help you find the remedy that will suit your cat the best.

Little Big Cat

You might also ask your boyfriend to show no fear or hesitation and just start feeding this cat. Have him sit down near the feeding place and not looking the cat in the eyes, just sit there and quietly talk to the cat, or read out loud while it eats.

Check out the Feliway Comfort Zone Room diffuser by Farnum Pet and plug it into the room where the confrontation happened.

Block the window view where your cat can see the other cats for awhile until he calms down.

Is the cat neutered? If not, get him neutered.

Petsmart carries a blacklight flashlight, use it at night and shine it outside the window- chances are good you will see cat urine glowing at you courtesy of the outside kitty.

Use the flashlight inside your home and see if you have old pet stains around left by previous tenants.

Whatever you do don't show fear to this cat or the aggression will escalate. Breathe slow and even avoid looking into the cat's eyes.

Best of luck-
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This same thing happened to me and my kitty. She was looking out the door and making all these noises and I went to see what was wrong and she just attacked me! She was also scared too. I just fed her and petted her and nothing has ever happened since.
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CAts are so highly sensitive that it might be alot of things for instance my cat acted weird right right after a VERY Small earth quake and attacked my feet.
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Henri came home from the vet today. We got him a large cage, to chill out in. He has his food, toys and litter box. He was fine when I came home.
My boyfriend came home and Henri flipped out again, this time though he was in a cage. I am going to have Bryan feed him until he settles down. The vet has prescribed a behavior modification treatment course.
Henri and Bryan have been buds for three year, but now he must just associate him with stray cat outside.
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