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Kitty Litter Placement

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hi everyone. I'm new to this forum, and hopefully I can get some help. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment. Fairly large for a 1 bedroom. Almost 1000 sq/f. The only problem I have is I need to find a good place for my litter box for my new cat. I have a small laundry room, but the litter box would be right up against the washer and dryer. My kitchen is wide open, and not enough room for a litter box. The rest of my apartment is carpeted. Would it be a problem if I put the litter box in the small laundry room? And has anyone have experiance with those litter box furnitures? They look like cabinets where you can put a litter box in. They look kind of neat, but I just wonder how a cat would respond to it.

Any help would be great.

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I was going to suggest one of those cabinets, lol. I haven't used one, we haven't had the money to buy one, but I plan on it. I think it would work fine, just let the kitty know where to go, maybe leave the doors on it open for a bit so she can see (if it has doors). The kitty might be scared to go in the laundry room if the washer or dryer is on (the noise). Maybe a bathroom or something?

Welcome to TCS!
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You can always test whether your cat will use the litter box furniture first before investing in it. Clear out a cabinet underneath your sink and put your litter pan in there. Prop the door open and see if he ventures in to do his business. If he does, he is a good candidate for the litter box concealment furniture.

here is a website that gives you many different web addresses for this type of furniture

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The cabinet would be really nice if your cat will use it! I've been wondering myself if my cat's would use one!
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You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the quick replies. I only do my laundry like once a week. So I think I the laundry will be ok, until I can order a Litter Cabinet.

I would put the litter box in the bathroom, but my bathroom is a little small. I could put the litter box underneath the bathroom sink and see if he will do his business there.

Thanks again. If anyone has additional input, I would definitely welcome it.

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