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Renae, I'm so sorry to hear this, and my thoughts are with your sister and the entire family. My grandmother died of breast cancer, and my husband's aunt is currently battling it. The whole family has a hard road ahead, but keep in mind that many woman do manage to overcome this disease.
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Oh Renae, I'm so sorry!!! Sending up a prayer for your sister and your whole family, and I'll keep her in my prayers!

Thank GOD both diagnosis and treatment have improved so dramatically over the past decade. I know we have far to go, but I know so many people that have had breast cancer and survived to live normal lives and in several instances have children. Those that I know were all in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Unfortunately my aunt wasn't so lucky, and she died before I even knew her. I've already done my baseline, and will get checked every year.

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Oh Renae, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. Your family is in my thoughts.
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Renae - any updates? How's she doing? Is she under treatment yet? Did she/does she need surgery? How's the family holding up, and how are you doing?
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I am truly sorry for your news. My Mom died of breast cancer 3 years ago...HOWEVER SHE IGNORED THE LUMP UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE. So she probably would have had a good chance...took a lot of therapy to get through that anger.
I do want to tell you an uplifting true story. Had a patient many years ago who was 104...for the most part with-it too. She had had BOTH breasts removed in her 50s!!! And here she was over 50 years later...in relatively good shape, with a keen sense of humor. When you think about it what did they know about breast cancer 50 years ago? I've never forgotten that woman and I use her as an example in my workshops today. Especially to the women who are scared to get a mammo or do self-exam. My thoughts for a excellent recovery for your sister. There is an excellent first person account by Betty Rollins "First You Cry". It's been around forever, but it might help. Not sure if its' still in print,if not check a used book store,
or Strandbooks.com or AbeBooks.com.

Fingers crossed!
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Renae, I'm sending prayers and thoughts to your sister and your whole family.

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Thanks for asking about my sister.

She had a lymph node biopsy on Friday of last week. She will hear the results of that biopsy tomorrow. If the lymph nodes are clear then she will not need radiation or chemo, so this is what we are hoping for.

Sadly, she will have a double mastectomy. The explanation is lengthy, so suffice it to say this is a big deal.

A student just came in, so I have to stop writing. I have more curous information I'll write about in a while.
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Best wishes for your sister's lymph node biopsy to come back clean, and for a full recovery.

I'll post an update on my mom as a seperate thread,
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Renae, got my fingers crossed on that biopsy. !!


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I'm so sorry you're sister is going through this. My thoughts are with her and I hope everything turns out well for her. I've heard many times that they will do a full mastectomy now just to be sure there's no chance of more cancer growth. So try to think good thoughts (I know that's easier said then done).
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I am soooooo happy and relieved for her, her boys, and for the rest of the family!

Now for the interesting stuff I didn't get to post yesterday...
When she saw the geneticist about this, the geneticist determined that this was not a type of breast cancer that runs in the family. Thus, my risk and the risk of my neices and other sister are no higher than that of persons with no breast cancer in the family. (Whew!) Since my sister is a scientist, she ended up having a long conversation with the geneticist, and they are both convinced that there is an "epidemic" of breast cancer (just look at how many of us on the board have friends and family who have had breast cancer). Through further conversations, they both agree that it is likely caused by environmental toxins -- in our air, food, or water. My sister is an expert on air pollution and travels areound the globe consulting on air quality. Judging by her own research and what the geneticist is seeing, it looks like this epidemic is cause at least in part by how we treat our environment!!!!!!! This is just too scary!
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That is fantastic news about her lymph nodes!!!!

Interesting stuff about the idea that it's an epidemic... Mom's cancer was also an anomaly. They said that hers was a 1 in 10,000 cases type, and we got so tired of hearing from the "experts" "Wow, I've never seen that before!" (Although my Dr. said that's actually good as far as my chances go, since it was so rare.) But that is an interesting idea, especially since Mom never lived or spend a large amount of time in "polluted" areas... (Obviously that theory doesn't necessarily explain every case of breast cancer, but it is something interesting to think about....)
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Yay, Yay, Yay! Wonderful news to hear!
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Renea - I am seeing this thread for the first time. I'm so glad the lymph nodes test came back ok. A double masectomy is terrible to go through but the most important thing is that the cancer hasn't spread and that your sister will come through out of this and won't have to suffer chemo or radiations.

She is in my prayers.
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That is positive news. I found that with cancer, there is such a roller coaster, worry about bad news, elation about good news, upset over the setbacks. Its best to take one day at a time, and celebrate the good news when you have it.

I have heard talks from cancer specialists who have also said that "environmental" factors are way more important than previously suspected. Even people with very similar genetic makeup will have very different experiences, they are thinking that some people are genetically predisposed to cancer, but that environmental factors kind of encourage it to develop.

My mother had to believe that, she didn't want to think that she had passed on "bad genes" to her daughters and grand daughters. And she certainly had very few risk factors, including family history. So she finally realized that she just had very bad luck.
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And more so that the gene isn't in you all!

Your sister will get through this, i know she will!
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