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What defines you?

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This thread was started a long time ago in the beginning of this boards creation- what was asked was to consider yourself a box of treasures and define what would be found inside that makes you YOU, makes you unique?

Here is mine-

my writing-love for animals-broad shoulders-life experiences that taught me so much-pain which shaped me-my friends that helped me find my way- faith in God- believing in the good of mankind-
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Strength that I have gained from the bad experiences that I have been through, the love for my family and friends, my love for animals, my willingness to help others whenever they need it, my crooked smile, my sense of humour which can be sardonic at times, my empathy, my fun loving side.
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Wow MA ! Deep subject !
My musical talents-my hatred of abuse of any sort, to any being-a burning need to lift the spiritual burdens of anyone who crosses my path, even for a short time-my Christian faith-the fact that I found the love of my life the first time around-a joy in trying new things that is balanced by a total dislike of permanant change-lots of folks around me would say that my husband defines me, he's a great cook, and well-known for it in our business community for that, ergo, I am the cook/cake-mans wife!
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My activism, my music, and my writing.
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My religion (Christian), music (mostly playing guitar, some piano, and of course listening to all kinds of music), Snowball (how awesome is it that the first cat I ever tried to TNR turned out to be a loving lap cat?), art (drawing, sculpture, computer graphics). No matter what I do, these things somehow find a way of surfacing in some form.
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My love for animals and nature-my creativity-my helpfullness-music and my musical abilities-my relationship with Lyle-my love for cats-my love for purple-my art abilities-other experiances in my life-ummm other things.
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What defines me? The things I love.

I love living.

I love my sweetheart, my family, my kitties, all critters.

I love good food and wine, good parties, quiet times with good friends.

I love music, language, nature, and any involvement with crafting beauty from/with these things.

I love a puzzle, a mind game, silence.

I love lots of other things, too, that defy specific expression, but they, too, have their part.

These are the things that define me.
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My sense of humor
My love for animals
My sensativity
My inner strength
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My 'I Take No Nonsense' attitude.

I get of the fence and say what has to be said.

I never take life or health for granted.

My anger towards animal abuse.

For being known as a person who makes friends easy.

To try and not let things get me down. (Lifes too short!)

To treasure my friends.

To believe in God and heaven 'AND' Rainbow Bridge.
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My family which includes baby boy Loki, my friends, my hope for mankind and the people I have met on this board!
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My generosity
My love for my family, friends and animals
My sensibleness
My love for beauty
My "I don't care if people are watching - I will do what makes me happy! I will probably never see them again" attitude!
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My loyalty, my love of all creatures, my laughter, my smile, my fears, my faith, my appreciation and my "growing edge".

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