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Fading Kitten...off to the vet

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The last 2 days one of Cagneys kittens has been progressing slower than the other 4. I figured it was just the "runt" and kept a close eye on it. Every time I'd check on the kittens it would be farthest away from Mom, and it was always bulldozed by the others when they nursed, so I'd give it a little help by scooting it in closer to a nipple.

Yesterday morning I went to Petsmart and bought some KMR and a feeder, and have been able to feed it several times, although it doesnt take much it does drink some.

This kitten is about half the size of the others, and just seems very lethargic.

Last night it seemed very weak, and cried pitifully several times. I really thought by this morning it would be at the Bridge.

This morning it surprised me by meewing when I checked on them, it's quite a little trooper.

I fed it again, and put the other 4 in a basket so it could nurse. Called the vet and she said bring them in.

We are leaving in a few, but would like to ask for prayers for the wee one.

Thanks everyone,
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Good Luck! I'll be sending prayers your way! Let us know how everything goes!
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Prayers and blessing are coming your way!!!! Let us know how the furball is doing!
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Cleo - I hope all goes well at the vet. Please let us know!
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Sending prayers for the wee one. I hope things turn out ok.
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Cleo,sending lots of wishes and prayers for the little kitten,I really hope the little one will be alright.

Jackie and Felix
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I hope everything goes okay. Please let us know.

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Cleo, my prayers are with you and the little one you are tending to.
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Cleo, please let us know what the vet says, and how the little one is doing! I will say a prayer!
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Hope everything turns out OK for the little one.
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