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Drinkwell Fountain

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I will be getting a Drinkwell Fountain in the next day or so, and I was wondering what people's experiences are with these? Any tips to keep it running well, and keeping kitties and Mommy happy?

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I have the cheaper "boots and barclay" Target brand version of this. LOVE it!!!

I have two cats that use it and I have to fill the reservoir about once a day, but that's no biggie. About once a week I take it all apart, clean it with dish soap and rinse out the filter, then fill it up and off it goes!

I read that they can get loud if you don't clean them frequently - because gunk will get up in the motor. If you notice something floating in it (like cat food) clean it out right away and you should be just fine. My experience thus far with mine has been GREAT and we've had it since December.

I love it and the kitties seem to as well.
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I have the drinkwell. Mine works great. I've had it for a couple years now & it's still going strong. The only thing I find is that when I clean it & the pump gets dry I have to "help" the pump restart by tapping it, or pouring water right into it. It doesn't seem to have enough strength to prime it's self. I bought the drink well for my last cat when she was diagnosed with CRF. She loved it & it really helped make sure she got enough water. Now that I've got 2 cats I too have to fill the reseviour everyday. My boys like it fine, but I think they would prefer the other brand that just shoots water out. My last cat would have been afraid of that one, that's why I didn't get her that one, but my boys love to drink out of the faucet & I think they would like the other kind more. Just something to keep in mind when picking out your drinking fountain.
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humm... I didn't realize there were different kinds that shoot the water out differently. I've seen a few different brands and they were all basically the same. Just so you know which one I'm talkin' about, this is the one I have:

click here for water fountain

If that link dosn't work, just go to target.com and search for "pet water fountain"
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I also have the same as you - before this one I had:


but Loki used to get the right side of his head soaked (he did not drink directly from the spout) so that I was afraid of him getting ear infections.

I like both just fine and never had a problem with either.
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I have the pet fountain with the water coming down the slope. Pipsqueek likes it...he drinks directly from the slope as shown in the picture. Frantic (the cat I got it for) would rather drink out of the faucet of the bathroom sink. So I have to get a second one which flows the water out like a spout.

With the 2 cats, I only refill every other day. They're extremely quiet, unless you let it run low, then it sounds like it is gasping for air.
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We have the Petmate Fresh Flow. The only tip I can give is to decalcify it every few weeks with white vinegar, if the water in your area is hard. I suppose the Drinkwell also has filters; I've found that there're big price differences as far as the Petmate filters are concerned. Wal-Mart's Petmate filters are the most reasonable I've found.
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I have one, and the cats love it. It got gunked up with mineral deposits at first, but I use distilled water in it now, and haven't had any more trouble.
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