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Kitty in a strange place

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I brought Dori to work with me today because of the bees in our apartment. She has only been here once before and normally never leaves home so I know she is feeling out of place. Luckily, I am the only one working in the office but I can't get her to settle down. SHe is walking around, her tail straight up shaking like a rattlesnake and meowing constantly and loudly. She is a very vocal kitty anyway. She walks down the hall and then runs back to me meowing as if to say "mommy come look at this!" I really need her to settle down a little with the meowing. When the phone rings everyone can hear her! (I think it's a little funny)Is there anything I can do to help her feel more settled or to get her to meow a little quieter? I brought her blanket with me. I am probably out of luck today since I really can't leave, but I am bringing her tomorrow also. Is it ok to ignore her meows? I normally like it when she "talks" and talk back to her, but I can't get up every time she meows today.

Other than that she seems to be extra cuddly and is sooo cute. She tried to attack the fax machine when I sent a fax!
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Aw how cute. I think she is probably feeling a little strange as you say, and is checking everything out.
My guess is she will settle down tomorrow as everything will not be so strange with all those odd smells etc!
Maybe a few treats by your desk/her blanket will help her calm down.
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Awww i reckon it's because it's a strange place also.

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