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It's Official!!!

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As most of you know, i've been stressing myself thinking if it was a good idea or not to get another kitten to keep Rosie company.

Well, after reading everyone's posts over and over i don't know how many times, and talking it over with friends, i've made my decision.

I am going to take her!!!

I was 99% certain of taking her after reading all your advice and seeing pictures of your babies sleeping together etc... But what added the 1% was when Emma(my vet nurse friend)e-mailed me yesterday.

Some b*****d had abandoned a litter of kittens in a bush at the weekend. All poor babies were dead except one which is now at the surgery and goes home with Emma on an evening as she has to bottle feed it and stimulate so as to have wee etc..So i know this baby coming to us will get a loving home and she'll be as spoilt as her 'step sister' Rosie.

So 2-3 weeks and counting!.
Oh, and i've changed the name as well. She's now known as 'SOPHIE'

Sorry it's long, but thanks again to everyone who helped me decide
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Well done you! Sophie is such a pretty name.
Hope the little abandoned kitten pulls through with Emma. Sending out ((((((((((((get well vibes))))))))))))
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How wonderful that Sophie will have a loving home! I'm sure she and her step sister will get along great!
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Thats great news!!
looking forward to updates
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My congrats to you and Rosie .
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Congrats!!! Sophie is a lovely name.
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I knew you would take her and what a lovely name it is. Be sure to share some pics as soon as possible.
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Congratulations to you, Rosie and baby Sophie!!
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Oooooh i can't wait!. I'm nervous and excited?!.
I'm getting her new feeding bowl and litter tray next week so i can be ready for her, and i'm taking a couple of extra days off with them while they bond!.

My cameras ready if Heidi would do the honours?, pleeeeeeeeeease!

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Congratulations on the new furry family member. I know you and Rosie will love her to pieces.
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I'd be happy to Susan!!

If you can, it would be a good idea if you could start exchanging towels or blankets or something with Sophie's scent on it (and Rosie's for Sophie, though not as important), and put it under Rosie's food bowl so Sophie's smell isn't totally foreign to her.
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Awww congratulations! I knew you would take Sophie. I really admired though that you didn't rush into your decision. You really thought about Rosie and what she would want into consideration, that says alot about much you love her. Sophie is a very lucky kitty to be going to such a good home.
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Good for you for taking her! The more the merrier.
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Yeah for you! I'm glad you decided to get a kitten finally! Good luck with this new one and I hope everything works out. I like the name too!
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Ah, I am so glad that you have decided to get a playmate for her! Hope she does well and little Sophie goes up to be stong and ery healthy!
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Awwww thanks everyone. And thanks to Heidi i cant wait for you all to see her.
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Oooooo - this is so exciting!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad for little Sophie - and Rosie will enjoy so much having a little pal around! Maybe not at first..... but that is WONDERFUL of you to take a few days off of work! You will enjoy it so much - and just remember, we're here with lots of advice! But you're already so prepared, I'm sure everything will go just fine.

....and I love the name Sophie!

Again - Congrats! Really looking forward to pics.
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awwww I am SOO happy for you and Rosie! She will be spoiled rotten! I can't wait to get a bigger place and get Summer a friend.

P.S. LOVE the name too!
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